I am disgusted with Jeff Flake's recent endorsement of Biden, and I am ashamed of Jeff Flake because I supported him as a Republican Senator while I was Mayor of Show Low.

I hope he and his fellow RINO associates (Republican In Name Only) will be able to live with their decision to support an extreme leftist liberal like Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

You have just lost even more respect in the White Mountains, an area that has supported you in the past.

Rick Fernau,

Former Mayor of Show Low

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Jeff Flake chose the light over darkness and maybe you should too!! You and your kind are destroying America!


You and your kind????You must be one of the tolerant ones we hear so much about.


Mr. Flake gained my respect since he is one of the few Republicans with a conscience.


Rick, as a former life long Republican I absolutely support the type of Republicans you are throwing stones at. For the first time in my life I will be voting for a Democratic President in hopes that if Trump Loses the Real Republican Party will do some soul searching and divest itself from its' current Ethical abyss.


No Charlie I am not tolerant of ignorance, hatred, greed or stupidity.


I respect Jeff Flake even more now that he has shown the courage to voice his conscience when so many Trump lemmings are blindly following our ignorant president. Mr. Trump is a clear danger as our Commander-in-Chief and most of you in line with him would never know the difference. Study the issues, but even more simply just listen to the things Trump says and the actions he takes. No, thank you, I'll listen to the voice of reason as expressed by Mr. Flake every day.


I feel sorry for Rick Fernau, he can't tell the difference between the republican party and the Trump/Putin party.


Thank you Jeff Flake for being among the growing number of republicans with the heart and soul to stand up against the worse President this country has ever seen. First and foremost our President should be a decent human being, and that most definitely disqualifies Donald Trump.


I'm tired of being called ignorant, stupid, hateful and every other name the left can think of for Trump supporters. You speak of us as though we can't think for ourselves

The left says they are the party of tolerance yet they only tolerate those who agree with them. If the Democrats are the only smart ones in our country, then God help us all.


Truth is, most of you cannot think for yourselves. The fact that you can't see Trump's actions for what they are is enough for me. I am a lifelong Republican, and my mudslinging is not coming from the left. Study, get informed, and most of us will no longer consider you ignorant, stupid, hateful or other names as you say. You are ignorant, apparently. Only you can fix that.


Witness the demise of the once great Republican party from within. What we see here is the splintering of the Republican Party dividing the traditional Republicans represented by former Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake and the new Trump “Republicans” (in name only) here represented by the once Mayor of Show Low. Eisenhower and Reagan from our once united and great USA must be rolling in their graves and any President or Mayor that divides rather than unites us is not worthy of our respect. Divide and conquer from within the Republican Party.


Btw you liberals can have Jeff Flake!

Dr Kevin L Gibson

This coming election is beyond REp vs Dem. Its about saving the Republic. This president has no respect for the law and constitution, as most recently demonstrated by his breaking of the Hatch act and using the White House for campaign rallies. Although I'm a Democrat, I respect Flake for his integrity and belief in the Republic


Thanks, Rick Fernau, for voicing what so many of us have been thinking. I, too, supported Flake at one time and it felt like a personal betrayal when he turned his coat inside out.


I am a lifelong republican who will not vote for Trump this time. It all comes down to the fact that he is not a good person.

citizen lakeside

Thanks Rick


It seems to me the one who lost support is Mr. Fernau. Jeff Flake is the same sensible person he's always been. He obviously has integrity and is mature enough to not look at a party-line. It seems he makes his own decisions based upon his long history in politics (and being a good family man). Mr. Fernau appears to have not been paying attention to mockery that is going on in Washington. I'm choosing to save the constitution, I'm choosing faith, I'm choosing to get respect back to law enforcement, I'm choosing to get respect back to military, I'm choosing to improve health care, and improve living conditions for the poor and middle class. Have you counted how many Trump employees are in prison! Thank you Jeff Flake.


Good points Clown 2 [thumbup], Jeff Flake is a patriotic person who knows and is against the criminal enterprise Trump has been running. There is a reason that Trump is argueing in the Supreme Court case, Mazars v Southern District of New York, that he, his family, his business associates, are immune from any investigations and criminal prosecution for any actions past or present.

citizen lakeside

PS dr gibson was wrong and you know it also he did say ANTIFA did not exist


Goshea19 nailed it, integrity. Flake didn’t cheat on his wife with a porn star, he didn’t let Russia & Ukraine interfere with an election, he didn’t insult gold-star families, he didn’t insult John McCain, etc. It’s too bad that this person chose this venue to attack Jeff Flake. He shouldn’t be on trial here. It’s interesting how politicians blame others for their own insecurities. It’s be nice to focus on issues important to less privileged people and personal attacks on anyone.


Since everyone is perfect and non-judgemental here, let's remember, Trump may not be an angel and his words may be harsh but aside from COVID-19 hasn't our economy been better? There is a long list of things he has done to help people. And to be clear, you can hate his demeanor but you have to look deeper than that. He loves our country, If you hate the division and hatred between right and left then be the first to look past his faults and look to his accomplishments. Forgiveness is an amazing attribute.


Looking past Trump's faults is what has created this great divide. He loves his country like you like a good kick in the stomach. He's a danger to this country as our CINC; he doesn't listen to his military advisors, doesn't read his briefs, alienates our close allies, antagonizes our enemies, abandons our allies. He is the one that has initiated the hatred that has grown. He's a danger!

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