It seems strange to me the people who are in favor of the wolf recovery program seem to live in the places where there are no wolves! (re:Anne O'Donnell of Phoenix). Maybe it would be of use to talk with those adversely affected by the wolves.

Barbara Allred,


Trudy Balcom is editor of the White Mountain Independent.

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People should accept that this world was created by GOD!!! Humans are destroying everything they can....STOP KILLING EACH OTHER AND GOD'S CREATIONS.. Maybe then peace will come..


Barbara: Are you adversely affected by the wolf re-introduction program? Are you a rancher? How much livestock have you lost? Have you been attacked? Has your pet been killed? In fact, those who are most affected by this program are a tiny minority of those who own it. These beautiful animals are a precious national resource and must be preserved for our posterity. Those who support the program constitute the vast majority of Americans and the vast majority of those citizens of Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico where the program mostly takes place. While those who choose to live near wolf habitat are to be considered, public policy in such matters is ruled by majority will. I find it hard to believe that 131 individual wolves scattered over 338,000 square miles in three states constitute much of a threat to anyone. That is about one wolf per every 2500 square miles. Even if you mounted an expedition to sight a Mexican gray wolf, you might never even see one in the wild. So, just what is your objection?


Thank you, Barbara! I feel the same way. We see comments from as far away as Connecticut on the same topic. Not their issue if they don't live with it.


I will not renew for your paper any more if you keep NOT posting what I have to say...


Thank you for an appropriate letter.

Ronzim, I had to fence my property last year since my dogs and grandkids and I were no longer safe when wolves (mom and two pups moved in near my house last year) would walk around my property right by my house, probably looking to make a meal out of my dogs. It is very unnerving to go out to pick up your newspaper in the early morning darkness only to have a Wolf (yes I confirmed they were wolves each time) not be afraid of you, stand their ground and look at you like you are a meal.

Try living near their newly recreated habitat sometime, you may be unnerved enough to respect the opinions of those of us who have some skin in the game.

Thank you for a good


Just as I thought, neither Barbara nor anyone else has stated specifically why the hate and fear these animals so much. To date, the only excuse on offer has been that it costs too much


Longtimeresident: As a matter of fact, we lived near Pinetop for nearly ten years and have encountered virtually every kind of wildlife in the area. Bears(much larger and more powerful than any wolf) frequently roamed around on our place and on the porch as well. my late wife spent over 60 years in the White Mountains going back to childhood and I spent about 30. I have hiked, fished, camped and explored my beloved White Mountains almost obsessively. When I encountered potentially dangerous animals I always reminded myself that we chose to move into or near the wild where their habitats were located. It is my opinion that anyone who makes that choice is ethically bound to respect the wild creatures who also live there. After all, they were one of the attractions to begin with.

In all of history, there have been just two fatal wolf attacks on humans. By comparison, there are over 5,000,000 dog attacks on humans per year in America. Last year, a new study was released by The Wilderness and Environmental Journal which found that the animals most commonly responsible for human fatalities are farm animals, insects (hornets, wasps, and bees), and dogs. Importantly, most deaths are not actually due to wild animals like mountain lions, wolves, bears, sharks, etc., but are a result of deadly encounters with farm animals, anaphylaxis from bees, wasps, or hornet stings, and dog attacks.


Correction: As reads, "In all of history, *********." Should read, "In all of North America's history,******."


Is there anything positive that republicans believe in? They continue on and on with their negative wars on the United States government, wars on women, wars on voters, wars on babies and mothers, wars on poor people, wars on public education, wars on programs that provide healthcare to millions, wars on our national parks, wars on our air and water enviroment, wars on science, wars on American eagles, polar bears and salmon, wars on our democracy, wars on women's constitutional rights, and now.... they continue their war to villify and render extinct a poor animal that has no malice or anger towards anybody but only wishes to be left alone and to survive as God intended him to do.


......The wolf.

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