We neglected holding protests and demonstrations over the trampling of some of our Constitutional rights over the years. We should feel ashamed and somewhat embarrassed to have allowed these injustices to pass unnoticed. Our duty as citizens of this country is to raise the alarm and stand against the tyranny that would encroach upon our rights.

As soon as I return from the next rally demanding a stop the latest government overreach of insisting I wear a mask and not congregate with my fellow citizens, I’ll be organizing protests over these forgotten restrictions to our liberties that have gone on for far too long without proper rallies and marches to bring these injustices to a halt.

No longer should we, a free people, be subject to these outrages! “No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service”? How dare they trample my rights to dress and clod as I choose! Furthermore, if I decide I shouldn’t be forced to wear a mask, then neither should I be forbidden from staying on the grass! “Don’t Walk” signs? Don’t tread on my right to tread as I please! It’s my Constitutional, nay, God-given right to amble as I am inclined!

And don’t give me the dubious line that these rules are not just for my protection but also to help protect others; I can look out for myself, thank you very much and am way too busy doing so to look out for others. If something happens to them, well, too bad, they should have been looking out for themselves, too. And if something bad happens to me, well, then it’s likely someone else’s fault and I’ll be contacting a lawyer. Probably an outside agitator is to blame. Maybe even China.

So, join me my fellow repressed Americans! Let’s rip off our masks of repression, walk into the nearest restaurant shirtless and shoeless for some carry-out and then cross the road against the light to congregate on the grass and loudly, in defiant voices, demand an end to these egregious infringements on our liberties, consequences be damned.

(Seriously, folks, can’t we endure a few minor inconveniences to help our neighbors stay maybe just a little safer? It’s not like anyone is asking us to go off to war to battle Nazis, fascists or despots as some of those most at risk did for us and our families. Let’s put selflessness above selfishness for a change. I’m sure we can pause our facial freedoms for just a spell to, if nothing else, help make those around us feel a little less vulnerable without putting our liberties in peril.)

Mark Visse,


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Mr. Visse, You sir could be right. Not just right, but categorically right. Not just categorically right, BUT DEAD RIGHT!


Mr Visse: Excellent. [love]


"Seriously, folks, can’t we endure a few minor inconveniences to help our neighbors stay maybe just a little safer?"

Sure we can.. But what if they require us to wear eye goggles as well? Rubber gloves? What about mandatory vaccines, you still good with that? Lockdowns through winter? When would you determine enough is enough?

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