Think about all the people who live here in this part of Arizona.

It’s a diverse group, including Dine, Apache and Hopi, white, Hispanic, Asian and many more, ranchers and farmers, people of many religions, Republicans, Democrats, and other political groups, very old people all the way up to babies born today, and you reading this letter.

We all have one thing in common, we all get our water from the Coconino Aquifer. It’s the high quality water we give our kids, and it’s the water we will be giving to our future generations years from now. So why, in God’s name, would we allow new permits for hydraulic fracking to take place in and around the Coconino Aquifer?

If you look up the definition of fracking from any source other than the oil and gas companies themselves, you will see that it amounts to gambling with the quality of our water table in order to make profit for these corporations, the CEO’s of which don’t even live here. Say what you will about gambling with money, money is replaceable. Our precious aquifer is not replaceable.

Wayne Pearce,

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Note the wording in this:

The one-paragraph section of the 551-page Energy Policy Act of 2005 exempted hydraulic fracturing from the Underground Injection Control (UIC) provisions of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). The UIC portion regulates holes drilled to inject contaminants deep underground and wells used to force oil and gas to the surface.

That's "inject contaminants". Anything else you need to know?


I agree!!!

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