Thanks to everyone who cares enough about the people of our community to wear a mask in public. I'm seeing more and more of you each week.

Yes, it's an inconvenience, but it will help keep our loved ones safer and ease the terrible burden on our health care workers.

What our community really needs now is freedom from the virus. Those of you who wear masks are the patriots of our time.

Ginny Dotson,

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I cannot disagree with the likely value of dawning a proven mask. However, I can say with indisputable proof were all being mislead with the garbage were likely being offered by numerous vendors as adequate protection. The US has strict safety standards under NIOSH, MSA, OSHA and a variety of other regulating agencies. Much like The FDA's overview of medicine and food products safety equipment must be categorized and tested to verify its ability to do its job. That being said its beyond reprehensible were being sold a bill of goods with these masks made in China. You can read for yourselves on the CDC links to the international testing results and you'll read what they say at the bottom of this post. A typical standard accepted by American standards is a N95 rated mask, good luck finding them, they have all been shipped to other countries articles would indicate. As a substitute we are sold a used T shirt or various types of material sewn into a face mask. Particulate testing on these? Sorry,wishful thinking and Nonexistent. Were dealing with a deadly virus and the politicians that be tell us wearing a non proven,ineffective, counterfeit Chinese made paper mask will save us from spreading a deadly virus. Yeah well I have some ocean front property here in AZ id like to sell you.

"NIOSH has been informed that many legitimate manufacturers in China have been counterfeited. In such cases, NIOSH has no way of verifying which products are counterfeit and which are authentic. While the manufacturer listed in the table is shown as the manufacturer of the product evaluated, NIOSH has been informed that some of these are actually counterfeit products. Some products with legitimate manufacturer names, showing poor filter penetration results (<95%), are counterfeit products. A number of manufacturers have also informed NIOSH that they did not produce the products associated with their name. NIOSH urges purchasers of masks and respirators that may have questions about the authenticity of these products to contact directly the manufacturers and others in the supply chain as needed to verify that they are obtaining legitimate products". Do your own research instead of following flawed logic. If you have compromised health and are concerned you should refrain from going out period. If your fortunate enough to have a supply N95 or better masks and are trained on proper fitment then great, have fun shopping and dining out.


Conchodian: N95-type masks are not necessary for the general public. The virus has been shown to be transported via droplets expelled during talking, shouting, singing and of course coughing and sneezing. Large droplets will fall out of the air relatively quickly; smaller aerosols can linger in enclosed spaces for hours, longer if they're poorly ventilated. It has been clearly shown that masks - even two-layer homemade fabric ones - can be very effective in preventing the expelling and exposure to airborne droplets. Wearing a mask is a simple and effective means of slowing the spread of the virus and of preventing exposure of at-risk populations to it. Unfortunately, too many people either don't pursue the accumulated knowledge about the efficacy of wearing a mask, or are willfully ignorant about how effective it has proven to be. Therefore, to protect the many against the ignorance/obstinance of the few, it should be made MANDATORY to wear a mask in enclosed public spaces until we gave a better grip on the pandemic.


[thumbup] Kudos to mask wearing people!


conchodian, It is pretty well understood that not all masks are equal in filteration. However, any mask that impedes the velocity of expelled droplets and at the same time traps some of them on the mask material is much better than doing nothing. I am reminded of the reason that it is, and has been for ages, a common courtesy that when someone sneezed or coughed they put their hand in front of their mouth to avoid spraying droplets on food or on other people. Masks do a much better job than using the hand, even the cheaper masks. Wearing a mask is not a perfect solution for Covid-19, that is common knowledge, but until there a vaccine, it is the only solution that is proven to minimize the spread of the virus from a person's lungs. The notion of wearing a mask in crowded places is such a small sacrifice that is being asked of us so that lives can be saved, the economy can get better sooner and life can have a sense of normalcy. Common sense again tells us that with a few exceptions, a person would not need to wear a mask at home, in a car, in your yard, in open spaces. Places where people come together is where wearing a mask is needed the most.

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