Felicia French wants to defund public charter schools, which are the best performing schools that we have.

French wants "InvestInEd," which will increase taxes for public schools. The lion's share of it inevitably will go to salaries for administration. We are talking about billions of dollars in tax increases.

More money for schools never seems to help in the performance of the students. I really wish it did. Funding charter schools and giving people school choice does improve performance. Felicia French is just one more public bureaucrat who thinks she knows better than parents on educating their children.

She also supports a gas tax increase. Arizona is a big state, and we have to drive 30 minutes just to get anywhere — does French really think a gas tax is going to help us? We must say no to this kind of socialism.

These are the same policies that destroyed California.

Wendy Rogers will fight to make our existing tax money be spent more wisely and in Northern Arizona, not in Phoenix or Tucson. Wendy Rogers also will work to cut regulations, making it easier for us to make a living. She also will work to bring businesses here to help spur economic growth and improve our schools.

We must say no to horrible tax increases. That is not helpful at a time like this.

Rose Sperry,


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Defund Public Charter schools? Why not, they pick and choose their students, do not have to follow the same administrative and purchasing guidelines Public Schools have to follow so many of them are Rife with excessive salaries and Profits. To me profit is not a bad word, only when it comes from my taxes having to support a privately owned for profit education business. While some Charter schools do have excellent test results due to their ability to cherry pick students other Charter Schools have the records for the Worst academic achievements and highest drop out rates while still raking in millions of Tax dollars in profits.


Hummm, what is tax shifting? It's when republicans (Wendy Rogers) cut corporate taxes so much that public services and education have to be defunded or done away with.....unless the middle class and poor taxpayers vote themselves tax increases to continue those public programs. Felicia French supports re-instating taxes on the corporations and the very rich. Wendy Rogers supports forcing the middle class and poor to pay more taxes,in the form of, school budget overides,school bonds,etc. for funding public education. She knows that people want their kids educated and she knows how to put people between a hard rock and a point.

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