To the editor,

We have had a summer cabin near Porter Mountain for 20 years. When we come up from Catalina with our horses it takes us away from the stress of jobs. Our neighbors are the best and we try to support local businesses. I just want to say your Independent Newspaper is so professionally written, very interesting, focusing on local and not a political propaganda rag. I can't wait to get each issue. I would like to suggest to your advertisers, however, to be better at telling people where their business actually is.

Do not assume everyone knows where you are. There’s been a lot of press about the shooting range—where is it in Show Low?

And I especially love the coverage of rodeo and local sports. Such a great job you all do. Especially Peter Aleshire.

Bev Showalter,

subscriber in Catalina

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Bev... So good of you to mention the locations of businesses! When it only notes a number on White Mtn. Road, that covers a lot of mileage! Even locals have trouble with this, so don't give up on us!


If you are asking about directions to the Second Knoll shooting range, it is just a mile or so East of the Show Low Airport on SR60, also known as East Deuce of Clubs. There is a large Brown sign notifying you of the turn to the South (right if heading out of Show Low).

If you get to the Bourdon Ranch road turn off you have gone too far.

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