The extremely rare state run hand count audit of federal races in Georgia is complete. It showed that both the hand count and Machine counts/recounts were nearly the same. The difference was 5,262 votes or 00.1053%. In both cases Biden won. The result was within 00.7% of the 538 polling company margin which were given out before election results.

People could say the recount was wasteful and not needed. The current Maricopa audit is being looked at with much concern about cost and legitimacy. The cost provides us with 2 sources of tallies, which is historically the most successful way to stop the people’s voice. Our vote integrity is the essential part of Democracy where lives have been lost defending it. We can afford to improve vote integrity with both dependable machine and dependable hand count audits.

What is disturbing about the Georgia audit is the closeness to the scientific poll. Georgia ranked 2nd out of 50 states in closeness. Some results were off by 11.6 -ND and only 2 states shifted blue.

In a polarized election the winning president who had more voters should win more down ballot races. Biden’s “coat tails,” showed 27 of 27 “toss up” went red and seven “leaning blue” turned red. All federal races where this anomaly took place should have state run hand count audits, we already have the machine counts.

Note: I have pictures from Georgia State Results, 538 poll comparing poll/machine count, and NPR graph on congressional races comparing poll/machine count.

Kenny Cail,


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What this election showed was not a shift from Red to Blue. It shows that people weren't voting Democrat but rather against Trump. That is why Biden won but everything down ticket was GOP.


RetAF, you are correct. There were thousands of republicans that were and are sick and tired of Trump, who preferred to vote for Democrat Biden against Trump. That is not rocket science nor is it an anomaly considering the unamerican, unethical, immoral, unconstitutional, divisive, racist, treasonous beliefs of ex-president Trump. The hyper partisan audit being conducted by republicans is worthless, fraudulent, and not worth a single cent of the one hundred and fifty thousand taxpayer dollars costs. No matter the outcome, a partisan conducted election audit is never credible.


RetAF says, "It shows that people weren't voting Democrat but rather against Trump. That is why Biden won but everything down ticket was GOP". Not only does this not make any sense at all, it's just simply not true sir. Just more proof of people voting party over country. Not patriotic at all.

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