We are now seeing ads that say Wendy Rogers, who ran as the “Trump Candidate,” is now a great moderate, willing to work across the aisle with Democrats.

Wendy used $400,000 in out-of-state money to peel the hide off Sylvia Allen, alleging that the most extreme conservative in the Arizona Legislature was really a dangerous Leftist.

So now in the general election, why are we seeing ads that say Wendy is a centrist willing to work with Democrats?

Well, for one thing, Wendy knows she needs to come back toward the center after running her far-right primary campaign, including her pledge to abolish Social Security.

Another reason is that a front organization for widely unpopular Gov. Doug Ducey thinks Wendy needs a makeover as a moderate to be competitive. It is the Ducey PAC that is running the Facebook ads saying Wendy is a centrist.

Why can’t Wendy run an honest race under her true colors? Probably because voters have said five times in a row that they don’t want to be represented by a grasping person from Tempe who has no interest in the people of Legislative District 6. Whether she embraces Trump or cooperation with the Democrats, there is nothing there, other than a desperate need to get political power.

Eric Kramer,


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You can put lipstick on a pig and it will still....................[wink]

Bob Smith

Another wonderful day when I remember why I don't have Facebook or a TV...Eric you're absolutely correct in your observation about Tempe Wendy and I hope Ms French is our next state senator!

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