House Bill #1 has been approved by the House of Representatives with 222 Democrats co-sponsoring, including Rep. Tom O'Halloran (AZ LD1).  The Democrats claim that this bill is to fortify Democracy, but what is in the bill that they aren't telling you? Well, let's dive in, shall we:

Welfare for Politicians: Small donations up to $200 will be matched by tax payers 6:1. Ex: If you donate $200 to Tom O'Halloran then the federal government will give his campaign $1,200 as a "matching" donation. That's right folks, your tax dollars will go to fund politicians all across the country at a 6:1 ratio.

16-year-olds will be registered to vote: This bill claims that young persons are discriminated against when it comes to voting and so they want 16 year olds to be registered to vote.

Contributing Agencies will automatically register people to vote: As defined by the bill, a contributing agency is a State or Federal agency that provides assistance, in any way. Once they collect voter information from the person, it will be sent to the voting agency, Secretary of State's office, automatically, unless the person declines to register. As stated in the bill, it is the individual responsibility to decline the automatic registration.

Not Prosecuting Individuals that provide false information, including citizenship requirements:

If a person "mistakenly" provides false information when "registering" and is caught as doing so, they only have to give a sworn statement explaining that they didn't "mean to" lie on the application. Ex: Illegal immigrants that receive assistance will be automatically registered to vote, if they provide proof of citizenship (last four digits of social security number). If they are caught providing false information, they won't be prosecuted. No consequences will be given to them. We know illegals are provided fake social security numbers for employment, so this is a real threat to our democracy.

Stripping away States' Voter Identification laws:

This bill will get rid of states' laws that require voter identification and replace it with only having to provide the last four digits of a social security number. Do you know that right now there are 6.6 million people over the age of 112 still listed as "active/alive" on the Social Security registar? That means that there are 6.6 million social security numbers still being used, that should be removed. Whose to say those numbers aren't being used by illegals?

There are so many more radical changes being proposed with HB1 that was co-sponsored and approved by House Democrats, including Tom O'Halloran. Something is rotten in D.C.

Franziska Owens,


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You complain about campaign finance and the matching fund in the HR1 bill. Please explain to all of us how the current system where the only way a person can afford to run for office is if they are either very rich or sponsored by a large corporation or donor is the way we want things? Encouraging candidates to depend on small donors seems much more democratic.

You complain about automatic voter registration. It is the constitutional right of every citizen to be allowed to vote. Why are you against anything that promotes voting?

On illegal immigrants receiving benefits or voting. Please provide even one instance of such happenings. So far, every legal claim of massive elections fraud has been thrown out of court due to no evidence being presented. There have been maybe 1285 cases proven of individual voter fraud, out of some 165,000,000 ballots cast in 2020. (the 1285 number is from the Unless it is a small local election that pivots on that small a number (yes it does happen) such a small number nationwide is statistically insignificant.

On your claim that 6.6 million seniors are listed as active in Social security. Are they collecting benefits? That is Social Security fraud and is actively pursued. You read regularly in the paper about a person collecting and cashing grandma’s SS check being arrested and going to jail. Are they voting? The only cases I have seen anything about are the guys voting on behalf of their dead mother. (part of the aforementioned 1285).

Perhaps it is time for Voters to have Rights? Like a VRA Voting Rights Act? Oh, wait, that was passed in 1965 then recently gutted. Add in the advent of Citizens United allowing corporations to throw unlimited funds to their preferred candidates left any candidate who is not rich or sell connected out of the running.

Now states are rushing to put in measures to prevent the average citizen from voting at all.

This needs to stop!


pxllr: Great job refuting Franziska Owens' ridiculous and baseless assertions. Note that she failed to provide one, single credible link or citation to evidence supporting her claims.


Thank you pxllr. In addition: "A commonly expressed concern about vote-by-mail in the United States is that mail-in ballots are sent to dead people, stolen by bad actors, and counted as fraudulent votes. To evaluate how often this occurs in practice, we study the state of Washington, which sends every registered voter a mail-in ballot. We link counted ballots and administrative death records to estimate the rate at which dead people’s mail-in ballots are improperly counted as valid votes, using birth dates from online obituaries to address false positives. Among roughly 4.5 million distinct voters in Washington state between2011 and 2018, we estimate that there are 14 deceased individuals whose ballots might have been cast suspiciously long after their death, representing 0.0003% of voters. Even these few cases may reflect two individuals with the same name and birth date, or clerical errors, rather than fraud. After exploring the robustness of our findings to weaker conditions for matching names, we conclude that it seems extraordinarily rare for dead people’s ballots to be counted as votes in Washington’s universal vote-by-mail system." Democracy & Polarization Lab, Stanford University, October 27, 2020.


And from "A tweet claims that this election, over 14,000 dead people in Wayne County voted. There is no evidence to support this claim.

While the list contains the names of over 14,000 individuals, they are not all Wayne County residents. Several of the individuals did not receive or cast an absentee ballot. At least one woman listed seems to still be alive. There is no evidence that Michigan clerks counted ballots fraudulently cast on behalf of dead people.

We rate it False."


Great letter! Don't let the Commies among us talk you out of your excellent points and know that you're not alone in your concerns.


2rusty: Your use of the term "Commies" to describe those who don't share your particular political belief tells everyone else all they need to know about you - and it isn't in your favor.


You fortify democracy by making easier for all americans to vote. You fortify democracy by making it easier for citizens of all kind and political persuasions and economic status to run for office. You fortify democracy by not allowing partisan state republican state legislators from giving themselves the power to nullify the will of the voters if they don't like the the duly elected winners in honest, fair elections. That's what HB 1 does. By contrast, you DON'T fortify democracy by republicans inviting foreign governments (Russians) to meddle in our elections; you DON'T fortify democracy by republicans attempts to violently overthrow our United States constitutionally established democratic/republic government; by republicans destroying our electoral system; by republicans destroying our system of "Checks and Balances"; by republicans destroying mail sorting machines so that mail in ballots arrive too late to be counted and by republicans limiting the number of ballot drop off boxes in minority and rural areas.


Vtrone: [thumbup][thumbup] Well stated.


In the words of a Canadian woman: 'Voter registration IS voter suppression.' It should be automatic, as it is in Canada, most of Europe and many, many other nations. The voices of ordinary citizens has never been a priority in the US, but it has reached a new low since the Citizens United decision and its aftermath.

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