I don't object to the use of marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. I do object to a pot farm within 5 miles of my home or a dispensary closer than 26 miles.

There are many issues involved with commercial marijuana growing farms that are located near people's homes. The proposal to change the hemp farm in St. Johns to a pot farm has me concerned. I have been researching how pot farms operate and how it affects people living around it in states commercial growing has been legalized. Following are my issues regarding the pot farm:

• Health of Residents within proximity. Many of us already have year-around allergies-asthma. The additional pollen, air pollution (don't quote me the insufficient government guidelines, my allergies don't recognize them), and dust in the air could not be good for people with health issues.

• A common complaint in areas with pot farms, and a source of nausea, is the smell of the plants. Having the smell of skunks spraying around your house is sickening.

• Also, and very important, it will affect people growing their own medicinal plants that can't afford dispensary prices. Current laws will not allow people to grow their own marijuana if a Dispensary is within 25 miles. What will prevent the owners from putting a dispensary in the area?

• Property Values in the area. I'm sure no one will want to buy a home located near a skunk smell emitting, noisy, farm that has security concerns. Our property values will plummet.

• The farm will produce an increase of heavy truck and vehicle traffic in the Mountain View area that will create more air and sound pollution.

• Taxing our natural resources. They will need to use a lot of water. Will they be drawing down our irrigation or well water/water table? Will it affect our city water pressure?

• Electrical usage. With power plants shutting down, will this create brown outs? Putting aside the use of electricity, there is the light pollution of having 24/7 lamps and fans (noise pollution) on.

• City resources. We will need increased police presence in the community. The fire department will have to provide sufficient hydrants and access to extinguish fires if the acres of plants ignite. The road department will need to redo the roads used with proper topping to handle the increased weight and number of vehicles using the roads. Waste disposal is a concern.

Is it just hot houses or open air farming; can they expand; build a dispensary? Should we rezone the area? This is too close to houses for pot and who's paying for it?

Christine Donn,

Saint Johns

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Would a feedlot or dairy be OK? Cotton that is crop dusted with herbicides? My point is that you live in an agricultural area. I think that perhaps your objection has more to do with your perception rather than reality. You really didn’t quote any verifiable scientific sources for your premise. Sorry. I don’t buy it.


Those agricultural uses will smell better than pot. Even a pig farm.


If you think living next to a pig farm smells good, then move next to one. Plenty of land around PFFJ. Go elsewhere with your reefer madness.


Eye Roll. [rolleyes] No mention of jobs it may bring. Just reefer madness.


Building it 5 miles from a house will still provide the jobs.... what's your point?


What is your point besides griping about a MMJ farm. Making invalid points about smell all because one moved near you. Well, I am against cell phone towers...BUT I bet you are all for cell phones. Move on. MMJ heals and smells great./ Way better than most of the smells around here.


These type of land use issues for commercial operations should be addressed by local land use tools such as a hearing and conditional land use permit system to review and address adverse impacts and to mitigate them through conditional approval conditions on a site specific basis. Adequate mitigation being required for any approval. However, if you live in a rural agricultural area, one could reasonably expect that agricultural land uses would occur.


The hemp farm was rushed through before anyone knew what happened.. I expect the change to be addressed through proper community input and the more people that know about it the better chance the proper process will be adhered to.


Maybe only you didnt know what was happening. Many MMJ growers in Apache County. Bring in more. Would make a ton of jobs for our community. Copperstate Farms could use the competition. There quality is going down hill.

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