Bless you Mary, trying to get people to think for themselves in today's political environment is a herculean task.

These people listen to mainstream news and imagine that they are informed.

Imagine a medical profession and a media that tell the people that this jab is safe and effective, when they know that this injection has killed more people in 10 months than all the other vaccines in the entire history of medicine put together! Fact! from the governments own VAERS website. Which records less than 1% of adverse events according to a Harvard study. The numbers on the VAERS website should be multiplied by at least 5 or 10 to even come close to the actual numbers. Going by the Harvard study the numbers are too shocking for the soul.

Imagine calling that safe.

Imagine a media that censors the truth about fully proven and effective treatments that are truly safe and life saving.

They didn’t just censor the truth they literally created lies and false reports about it and then banned it.

This injection is not a vaccine in the traditional sense.

A few months ago they actually redefined “vaccine” in the dictionary, vaccines are no longer required to produce immunity, just an immune response. What a Joke.

Athletes all over the world are collapsing and dying on the field from heart attacks and blood clots, and Pilots are dying in flight…Imagine that!

This is not a traditional vaccine. This is mRNA technology that has never been used in humans before.

mRNA technology is extremely dangerous. In the prior animal studies, all the animals did great, until all of the animals died when they were re-exposed to the same pathogen.

If you want to call that safe and inject it into our children, I think you are insane. The chance of Children dying from covid is statistically “0”!

Don’t believe me, listen to Dr. Robert Malone, one of the inventors of mRNA technology. He says to stop the vaccination agenda IMMEDIATELY, everywhere, NOW!!!!

They say this “vaccine” is effective. Yet at the same time tell us that it doesn’t stop you from getting infected, it doesn’t stop you transmitting to others.

And we now know it does not prevent hospitalization or death.

All of the highly vaccinated countries are experiencing massive spikes in Covid cases and deaths among the vaccinated.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of health care providers resigning because they refuse to take an experimental vaccine that they know is deadly.

Imagine 375,000 American soldiers court martialed because they are more intelligent than their leadership.

And they call this “safe and effective”?

I call it a crime against humanity.

Todd Housholder,


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TH - could you please share with us where your medical degree is from? Anyone that knows as much as you about these issues must certainly have studied this subject extensively. Hope it wasn’t from the University of Fox News!


It wouldn't let me post so I am sectioning this response.

Hello 2linden,

I do not have a medical degree, I don’t need one. And neither do you! In order to understand the science or the propaganda..

All you need is average intelligence, common sense, access to information and a desire for truth. And in that desire for truth you find discernment.

I do have a background, years ago, in anatomy and physiology as a physical education student at ASU and I was a licensed massage therapist for a number of years. But that was of little value in understanding the present predicament the world finds itself in.

Yes I have studied this topic intensely for the last 2 years. All of my available waking hours have been devoted to this task.

This is possibly the most important event in human history. This is life, the most important thing that we possess, and too many people let talking heads and ignoramuses tell them what to think.

I don’t watch mainstream news, I’m not on twitter, and I don’t do facebook. I look at mainstream news once in a while to see the trends of the propaganda being fed to the American people.

That you singled out FOX news tells me that you are already programed. This fracturing and polarizing of American society must stop. We are Americans, a truly exceptional people, we need to start acting like it. This nation ushered the world from the horse and buggy to the moon and Mars. We ended 200,000 years of slavery on this planet! As much as we could. We are a great people, all of us together, yet we let Marxists, anarchists, and haters infiltrate our media and our schools and teach our children that we are racist and evil. Shame, Shame, Shame. We are allowing the corruption of our society.


You don’t have to believe what I say or even agree with me, but all of us have an obligation to seek the truth, for ourselves, our children, our nation, and our souls. Failure to do so is a wasted life.


My god, I can't believe drivel like this letter actually gets published.

C'mon, WMI - publish THIS comment!


You need to wake up my friend. Before you start talking, you had better start thinking, stop listening to propaganda and do some research. I see you are in favor of censorship. Un-American. Please pick a topic, I'm happty to debate you.


Or rather, let us reason together.


guest149 says, "Yes I have studied this topic intensely for the last 2 years. All of my available waking hours have been devoted to this task"....Nothing is more dangerous than a fanatic with a cause.


cakeman...I have found that there are only two types of people on this earth,

those who seek the truth, and seek to speak the truth,

and those to whom the truth is irrelevant,

these are the spoilers of beauty.

I realized the magnitude of the events happening around me.

I’m not a fanatic, I care about my wife and my child, I care about you and your family.

I saw the lies and inconsistencies coming out of the mouth of Anthony Fauci.

I saw the lies and fear porn spewed by the mainstream media.

I felt the need to be truly informed, for the benefit of myself, my family and my friends.

I would hope that any decent human being would do the same.

And I am astounded at how many people are satisfied being lead around by the nose.

I am astonished at how many people lack the discernment of truth.

You can call me a fanatic, because to you I surely am.

People who don’t think for themselves have killed their soul, and they are no benefit to anyone.

Horse Rider

R&D has reached the point where people who take COVID-19 seriously have good options for prevention of infection and for treatment of breakthrough infections.

The three vaccines work and are now approved for everyone five years of age and older. Vaccines to protect even younger children are on the way. The vaccines' biggest limitation is a short period of immunity which is being addressed by boosters every few months. (Anyone with misgivings about the safety of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines should consider Johnson & Johnson. It's a traditional vaccine that does not use mRNA technology.)

There are medications that deal effectively with COVID-19 infections. Merck and Pfizer have applied for approval of oral antiviral medications which appear to be effective at avoiding hospitalization and death after infection.

Whether or not to get vaccinated remains largely a personal decision. So does responsibility for the consequences, good or bad, whichever way a person decides.


Horse Rider,

The R&D you are depending on is pretty sketchy to say the least.

There are many anomalies in their disclosures, and whistleblowers have come forth, terribly damaged from the vaccine, who were booted from the trials because they didn’t fit the narrative. Let me quote a recent legal update:

“ICAN’s lead attorney, Aaron Siri, is representing a broad group of scientists from major universities across the country in a lawsuit seeking to obtain the documents Pfizer provided the FDA to license its COVID-19 vaccine. As you may have seen, the FDA’s response was to ask the judge for a total of 55 years to fully produce these documents! It is truly amazing that the federal government wants to make you take this product, will not let you sue Pfizer for injuries, and will not let you see the documents Pfizer gave it to license this product.”

“What these first-released documents already show is that in the first 2 ½ months of administering this vaccine to the public, there were over 25,000 events classified as “nervous system disorders.” A disproportionate number of injuries were also reported in women and in those between 31 and 50 years of age.”

For some reason they don’t want us to know their “science” until 2076. Does that seem honest to you?

The data and analysis is coming in daily from around the world. Those populations that are the most heavily vaccinated are where Covid cases are spiking dramatically.

Gibraltar, the most vaccinated place on earth. An Isolated population of 35,000, 100% vaccinated. With so many Covid cases that they have canceled Christmas. It is not the unvaccinated that are that are emitting the spike protein and creating variants, it is the vaccinated.

In Israel 80%+ vaccination rate, 75% of hospitalizations are vaccinated.

In the state of Vermont, in the month of September, 75% of covid DEATHS were fully vaccinated.

Great Britain News announced a major increase of heart attack and strokes in the vaccinated.

Athletes in their prime dropping dead on the field, all over the world.

New FDA report finds all-cause mortality higher among the vaccinated.

After a year of mass vaccinations all over this planet, there are no vaccine success stories.

We had two very safe and very effective oral treatments for covid. Anthony Fauci lied, and the media did his bidding.

Those two drugs cost about one dollar and are available over the counter, without a prescription, in much of the world.

Merc and Pfizer’s new pill is an un-necessary knock-off and costs $700 per pill!

Just cashing in on a catastrophe. Us taxpayers don’t mind, do we.

Those two drugs were virtually banned by Fauci and the World Health Organization. Luckily there were a lot of doctors and some countries that ignored such irrational orders and continued using those two drugs. When the protocol is followed the case rates fall dramatically, and death rates drop By 67+%.

From the United States, to India, to Peru to sub-Saharan Africa hundreds of million of people have been successfully treated using these two politically incorrect drugs. These people now have natural immunity that is robust and long lived. And the only bright spots we see in the world are where these two drugs are employed, and employed consistently.

I’m glad for you, that you don’t mind taking a jab every 3 months for the rest of your life in order to survive. Because that is exactly what Fauci, Gates, big pharma, and all their cohorts in the money chain have planned for us. The documentation is out, their stated goal is to make every human on earth dependent on their vaccines, destroying innate immunity, needing vaccines for every new pathogen that comes along. It is the perfect business model, and the perfect model for totalitarian control of global populations.

Fear of something that you can’t see, is a very powerful political tool, and one so easy to abuse.

The vaccine passport is the end of freedom on earth, forever.


Posted 11-30. Ahhhh! Self-delusion, willful ignorance and pure superstition are abroad in the land in spite of highly advanced medical science and data reporting. This from a Harvard study published Aug. 25 in The New England Journal of Medicine by researchers from Clalit Research Institute in Israel, Harvard Medical School, and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health:

The research, which assessed the safety of the Pfizer/BioNTech BNT162b2 mRNA vaccine, is based on analysis of data from nearly 2 million individuals in Israel and represents one of the largest real-world assessments of COVID-19 vaccine safety to date. The findings, the researchers affirm the overall safety of the vaccine and underscore that the risk of adverse consequences from actual infection with SARS-CoV-2 far outweighs potential vaccine risks.”

“ Myocarditis, or inflammation of the heart muscle, the most serious of them, was rare, with a rate of 2.7 excess cases per 100,000 vaccinated people. This means that for every 100,000 individuals, 2.7 more cases of myocarditis occurred than would be expected. By contrast, the risk of myocarditis was notably higher among infected but unvaccinated individuals, occurring at a rate of 11 excess cases per 100,000 people. Coronavirus infection—but not vaccination—was also associated with greatly increased risk of pericarditis, heart arrhythmias, heart attacks, strokes, pulmonary embolism, deep-vein thrombosis, acute kidney damage, among others. These results show convincingly that this mRNA vaccine is very safe and that the alternative of ‘natural’ morbidity caused by the coronavirus puts a person at significant, higher, and much more common risk of serious adverse events.”

And: COVID-19 Vaccination and Non–COVID-19 Mortality Risk — Seven Integrated Health Care Organizations, United States, December 14, 2020–July 31, 2021. This study concluded “There is no increased risk for mortality among COVID-19 vaccine recipients. This finding reinforces the safety profile of currently approved COVID-19 vaccines in the United States. All persons aged ≥12 years should receive a COVID-19 vaccine.”

As well as “Mortality study reinforces safety of COVID-19 vaccinations: “Kaiser Permanente study shows people vaccinated against COVID-19 had lower non-COVID-19 death rates than people who were not vaccinated.”

Not to mention the Texas Department of Health Services: “All authorized COVID-19 vaccines in the United States are highly effective at protecting people from getting sick or severely ill with COVID-19, including those infected with Delta and other known variants. Real world data from Texas clearly shows these benefits. A summary of the data is included on this page, and the full report is also available for download.”

The Harvard AVERS location is nothing more than a voluntary, anonymous self-reporting system and bears no relationship to a scientific study, nor was it intended to.


Here is what this really amounts to: ICAN was founded in 2016 by television producer Del Bigtree, after the release of the movie Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe, which he wrote and produced, with anti-vaccination activist Andrew Wakefield directing. The national attention Bigtree gained with the movie and its promotion tour allowed the newly-formed group to quickly assume a leading role among the anti-vaccination movement. Scientists have countered many of ICAN's statements, arguments against vaccination being contradicted by overwhelming scientific consensus about the safety and efficacy of vaccines.

ICAN was established with a $100,000 grant from the Selz Foundation. Its budget ballooned to $1.4 million in 2017, with one million coming from the Selz Foundation, making ICAN the most well-funded anti-vaccination group in the United States that year.[16] In 2019, ICAN received $2.46 million from the charitable foundation of investment firm T. Rowe Price.[17]

In 2019, ICAN paid a salary of $232,000 to Del Bigtree as its CEO, $162,000 to its Executive Producer Jenn Sherry Parry, $138,000 to its Chief Administrative Officer Catharine Layton, and 111,000 to Patrick Layton as Creative Director. An article in Rolling Stone states that Layton stumbled upon the anti-vaccine movement on social media after her two sons were diagnosed with autism.[3]: 1 

In 2019, Bigtree was a keynote speaker at several anti-vaccination events targeting the ultra-Orthodox Jewish in Brooklyn and in Rockland County. He has been criticized by the Anti-Defamation League and the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum for wearing a Star of David at an anti-vaccination event, attempting to compare the treatment of those opposed to vaccination with the persecution of the Jewish people. Bigtree's anti-vaccine advocacy has been described by anti-vaccination movement critic physician David Gorski as "fear mongering based on misinformation".

In 2020, Facebook and Youtube removed Del Bigtree's anti-vaccination show The Highwire from their social media platforms, as part of efforts to limit the spread of disinformation about COVID-19. ICAN sued them for that, alleging the audience of the videos have decreased by half since they had to relocate it on their own website, although it continued streaming on Twitter.” References:

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That last was from Wikipedia.

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