Here's how to save the Colorado River

Bruce Babbit

It is no exaggeration to say that a mega-drought not seen in 500 years has descended on the seven Colorado River Basin states: Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and California. That’s what the science shows, and that’s what the region faces.

Phoenix, Denver, Las Vegas and San Diego have already reduced per capita water use. Yet they continue to consume far more water than the river can supply. The river and its tributaries are still overdrawn by more than a million acre feet annually, an amount in consumption equaled by four cities the size of Los Angeles.

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But Bruce, there is no water shortage here in the Phoenix valley. Massive amounts of landscaping acreage feature plantings from wet areas and lawns which require watering every day in the summertime with huge amounts of water simply running down the streets from excess landscape watering. In addition, we have a desert valley which is carpeted with golf courses, many of which do not use effluent for watering. I looked at Google maps today and the saturation rate for swimming pools in my neighborhood is about 90%. What shortage??

Discovery: I have no pool but have a small lawn which was installed before I moved here. I water it very carefully and my landscaping is all native and low water.


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