My wife and I are new residents to the White Mountain area. We moved to Snowflake in February of 2020 right before the pandemic hit. We are both long time Arizona residents and needed to be in more of a small-town atmosphere as the town we lived in out grew us. After three years of looking, we found what we were looking for in Snowflake and Taylor. Everyone has been so friendly and accepting that we undoubtably know we made the right decision. The attention by the town’s management is to be commended. The street light décor that changes by the season with flowers or holiday event is absolutely awesome!

While I express my happiness of the area my main reason for writing you that we have found many Heroes in our recent experience.

When you move into an area and are considered and outsider, it can be very stressful. The transition to the White Mountains for us has been quite the contrary. There have been so many heartfelt stories this past year from the care and friendship that Dr. Chad Brimhall has shown us during our battle with COVID-19. Dan and Claudette at Snowflake Tire and Auto and their attention to detail and friendliness.

Jordan, his wife and team at Call’s Community Pharmacy need to win an award because they are unbelievable people. They really do care and no matter how busy they are, they take time to talk to you in a warm and friendly nature. If you are not doing business with these folks you are missing out. In my over 40 years of doing business with the chains, the level of care from this small local pharmacy far supersedes anything you will experience.

I drive by Call’s almost daily and I see Jordan out in the parking lot, donned in his protective clothing running back and forth to cars performing COVID-19 tests, day in and day out. I know that they do not make squat doing these tests but yet he is like a soldier that has a mission and doing his part in this horrific fight we are in the midst of. When my wife and I contracted COVID-19 and we were picking up prescriptions, Jordan looked at me and said “Scott, you call me if this gets worse, I mean it” Those words made me feel that I was going to be ok and a reassurance of support, something that no money could buy.

Something positive to say about our community.

Scott and Nicole Gold

Proud residents of Snowflake, Arizona


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