On a recent weekend trip, my family and I decided to get out of the Phoenix heat and head up to Show Low.

I, like a lot of others, are hoping that more Arizona residents are taking the Covid-19 more seriously and not wanting to follow in the footsteps of Florida, California and Texas.

Unfortunately, that was not the case when we arrived. I decided to go to a local grocery store and pick up a few items.

Possibly four out of ten people were wearing masks and I was dumbfounded. I had to wonder whether Show Low residents felt impervious to the Covid-19 and not realizing how it would decimate their small town if this disease ravished their town like a tornado.

I cannot imagine how the one and only hospital in this area would be able to handle hundreds of residents with this horrible illness. I hear a lot of people daily say how wearing a mask would infringe their rights. My only response would be is that if you don't like wearing a mask, you better hope to God that there is a ventilator in the ICU with your name on it.

God help you all!

Jennifer Schandley


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Much higher percentage per capita of sheep in Mesa than in the White Mountains. Thanks for your blessing from God.


Unfortunately the first comment above is a perfect example of the dumb and dumbfounding way some of the locals who have been educated here act like Neanderthals.


Honey, that's why they make moving trucks.


Russ! Long time no hear from; glad to see you back on here! And, as usual, totally agree with you.


Jennifer, you have to remember that Show Low is one of the few towns in the country with it's very own Trump store as the flagship of the main street. And it has a large population of people such as Russ who has already commented on your letter. This is a place of rugged individuals that only care about themselves and do not care one iota about anyone else. They've got theirs, and to heck with anyone else. They call themselves patriots, while at the same time flying confederate flags and displaying swastikas representing people who declared war on the USA and killed thousands of Americans. When you come to the white mountains, you are truly entering another world, divorced from reality. Don't stop in Show Low, come on up to Pinetop-Lakeside.


Swastikas?? Ha,ha, the only one flying a confederate flag on their truck lives in Pinetop. Better check you neighborhood there sunshine.


Thank you for the suggestion. Yea, I saw the Trump store and gagged. I realized that most of the Trumpers in Show Low are the very ones who will end up in the hospital with Covid-19 and unfortunately, our Hero Healthcare workers are the ones who will have to take care of these losers since they did not bother following guidelines of wearing masks and social distancing.


So the Governor asked everyone to say home to stop the spread of the COVID virus but you felt compelled to leave the safety of your home to go somewhere else to get out of the heat. Then you assumed that everyone you saw in the store was from SL, how did you not know they were other Valley people who also ignored the order to “STAY HOME”?


Ding ding ding...we have a winner. Horse puckey anyhow as both myself and my wife, senior citizens we are, have or had it ,and neither went to a doctor,hospital or otherwise other than to be tested. So you see, the sky is not falling,only the credibility of somebody.




You got lucky. Next time, you won't.




Last time I checked, your town decided that Show Low did not have to wear masks believing that the residents would set a good example for others. Obviously, that didn't happen. I wonder why the rest of the State, except for Trump country, understands that Covid-19 is a deadly virus and it's heading right for your little town. Are you going to be prepared when it does? How?


Why don't businesses get it? It is a simple economics. You require a mask and you get my business.


libertyminded...And, if they require a mask, Amazon gets my business.


2rusty - great, so at least you won't be spewing covid on me!


What if we stopped thinking about masks as a sign of "being controlled by the government" and simply wore them to protect cashiers and others in high-risk jobs as an act of kindness?


Oh my. Sounds like the Golden Rule. Simple, without Politics.


phxnative: Now there's a thought. [love]


Why wear a mask? Simple economics. Wearing a $1.99 mask will lessen the chance of being saddled with either, a hundreds of thousand dollars ICU medical bill,or funeral expenses of thousands of dollars.


One day a week, I collect my mail from the post office and go shopping. This takes about an hour.

This means that I wear a mask about one hour a week.

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