Living in Show Low is a dream for most of us.

I’m not sure that is still true for some of us. The friendly atmosphere that I’ve always known doesn’t feel the same. For a large group of Trump supporters, a herd mentality exists; where being a Trump supporter is patriotic, and being a Biden supporter must mean you are a socialist/Marxist/communist, enemy of the American people. So, I am speaking up.

I am a Biden supporter. I am not a socialist/Marxist/communist. I am a patriotic, caring citizen of this great country. I am a moderate Republican woman who doesn’t even recognize the Republican party anymore. I am from another generation, where politicians working across the aisle were appreciated instead of condemned. Where my Democrat grandfather and Republican grandmother had respectful and honest conversations at the dinner table. My Democrat husband and I do too. I am a retired public-school teacher, with 37 years in the classroom. I hope, through class discussions and activities, I taught my students to love this nation, to appreciate our freedoms, to understand that our freedom can only exist if we are educated and involved.

Trump insists that mail in ballots will be used to rig the election in November, when in reality there is absolutely no research to support this claim. This is simply a strategy to make voting more difficult, which he believes will be beneficial to his numbers. He understands that with in-person voting, voters can be intimidated. That viewpoint is the antithesis of our right to vote. 88% of Arizona voters voted by mail in the August primary. Arizona has been using the secure and reliable mail in ballot system since 1991. Get the facts from the AZ Secretary of State at

In the middle of an economic crisis, health crisis, social crisis, Trump wants more tax cuts, specifically payroll tax “deferments”. That means somewhere down the line we will still be paying those payroll taxes, in a big lump-sum payment, just not now. Those payroll taxes are used, among many other things, to fund Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Those programs cannot remain solvent without them. If YOU know someone or are someone on Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid, they/you should be extremely concerned!

Trump is utterly unpredictable. Would you like the police officer who pulled you over; the judge in a court hearing; the surgeon who is operating on you; the teacher of your child to be utterly unpredictable? How about the President, who represents us to the world and is in charge of our nuclear capabilities?

How much is enough????? These actions do not Make America Great Again. They make us fearful, bigoted children in adult bodies, playing “King of the Hill”, who stand on top of the hill and push anyone else seeking to get on top back down. Personally, I will NOT vote for ANY politician who labels those that don’t agree with him/her as the enemy of the American people, who uses fear tactics rather than sound policies, who seeks to divide us instead of bring us together as a nation.

Lori Vanover, MA,


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