Now that Joe Biden appears to be the presumptive democratic presidential candidate this fall, I propose a vice presidential running mate for his campaign – his son Hunter. Hunter is whipsaw sharp, as shown by his quick, total mastery of such complex subjects as the energy industry and high finance. He could also be available for his dad in the event of a teleprompter failure.

Rick Evans,


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Your not even close to being funny! With everything in chaos in the country and here in AZ.. why be so inappropriate, could you not just he and pray for this deadly virus to be contained and some sort of vaccine be ready asap. God Help the Planet.


I agree. His reputation that has been influenced by his support of foreign governments and corporations to undermine American interests could ensure the re-election of Pres. Trump. Great idea you have.


Let's see,hummm supporting foreign governments like Trump supporting the Saudi government for the killing of Washinton Post reporter or Trump supporting Russian Putin for interfering in our elections and disparaging our 17 intelligence agencies. Then we have Trump appointing son in law, Jared Kushner and daughter, Ivanka Trump as senior White house advisors without any expirence in intelligence and security matters.



che guevara

" Teach me , Zorba . Teach me to dance ! "

Perhaps the famous character in the classic Anthony Quinn film understood the only way in which to comprehend and to reconcile with the madness of this life . Can any thinking person deny that we truly inhabit a gigantic insane asylum known as planet Earth ?

If the world's greatest nation ( so we are told ) can only continue to offer non - choices as regards which disappointment will become president , then all is indeed lost . What a stellar example we set for the rest of the world to look up to , and what a laughingstock we must appear to any superior intelligence out in the Cosmos .

Donald Trump is lamentable , and yet , his demonic son - in - law and his airhead daughter , his senior advisors , are quite possibly the two most dangerous creatures on the planet . Joe Biden , on the other side of the political charade , is severely inhibited by the on - set of dementia and his penchant for snuggling up to young girls . Moreover , he is a life - long political hack who was created by the powerful DuPont family of Delaware which has its own soiled history as war profiteers and munitions manufacturers . His choice of a running mate will undoubtedly be a joke , thus adding further insult to injury to a demoralized nation .

So then , both the gentleman from Taylor , the writer of this letter to the editor , and ArizAl are correct . Very sad . So it goes .

Now then , if my knees weren't so bad , and Anthony Quinn had not yet passed into the hereafter , I might ask Zorba to teach me to dance . However , owing to the circumstances I think that I'll have to settle for a couple of Macanudos from the humidor at Eddie's Market and a bottle or three of Chianti . Gotta love it !



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