Imagine supporting women's right to choose to end their pregnancy by abortion and standing your ground on "my body, my choice" but also believing government should mandate and coerce people to put a drug in their body against their will. Seems hypocritical, doesn't it.

Imagine being against bullying. Think about that… bullying of all forms, online and/or in person. Now realize that people are losing their jobs because of bullies. Those bullies are the government, media, and their fellow citizens. These bullies support the vaccine mandate and cheer on shaming those who do not want the vaccine. Seems hypocritical, doesn't it.

Imagine being against those that spew hatred towards marginalized groups but allowing people to shame and spew hatred towards unvaccinated people. Not all unvaccinated people are "anti-vaxxers", they have legitimate reasons for not getting jabbed, such as allergies, autoimmune deficiency, etc. If you are against a behavior, then you should stand up when that behavior is happening. Period. Not doing so seems hypocritical, doesn't it.

Imagine backing (supporting & championing) science, authoritative news and government sources but refusing to accept the science from those same sources when it doesn't fit your beliefs. For example, the CDC admitted that they have NO record of unvaccinated people spreading the disease after recovering from Covid. If you dismiss the information for your own beliefs, well… seems hypocritical, doesn't it.

Imagine being against voter identification but supporting a "vaccine passport" (i.e. vaxx card) to be shown to buy, sell, and travel. Seems hypocritical, doesn't it.

Imagine being against the use of force, of any kind, to get someone to do or not do something but supporting your fellow Americans using force to make someone take the vaccine or wear a mask or social distance or close their business all in the name of science and public health. Seems hypocritical, doesn't it.

When we can get past the hatred that our politicians and media want us to have for one another and come together to stand for our rights and protecting our freedoms that are being threatened, and in some cases have been taken away, imagine the world we could live in when freedom and individual rights are the uniting factor that we all stand up for.


Mary Johnson,



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Bob Smith

Imagine being a front line health worker who is exhausted from working extra shifts to care for patients who are sickened by a preventable illness. Sounds like a recipe for a health care worker shortage doesn't it?


Imagine not understanding science and wanting people to die from the Spanish Flu or Polio. If you refused every vaccine ever made for health or religious reasons then I understand not wanting to get this one. If you have had any other vaccine then you have just become a uneducated sheep that needs to do some non Facebook research.


Yes, Imagine not understanding the science. This vaccine is unlike any other vaccine in history. This is mRNA technology never before used on humans. Instead of introducing a weakened pathogen that stimulates the immune system. these injections cause your own cells to produce the spike protein which we now know is a deadly toxin. The spike protein does NOT stay in your arm, it moves throughout the body, and it accumulates in the organs, specifically the heart and the reproductive organs. And there are indications that it crosses the blood brain barrier into the brain. Can anyone say auto-immune disease?


Imagine the irony of getting your (mis)information off social media and then writing a letter to the Editor of an (f)actual media source.


Perhaps you could tell us where to find a factual news source? If you think ABC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, and NPR are factual news sources you are living in a fabricated narrative. Censorship is deadly, and when people find out what they are not being told, they won't believe it, or accept it, because they have already been programed.


Imagine feeling you are right about the contents of this letter. But imagine you could be dead right also. "NOTHING IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN A FANATIC WITH A CAUSE".


Imagine health care workers leaving their profession en masse because they're burned out and frustrated from treating Covid-19 patients who contacted a preventable disease because they WERE able to be vaccinated but refused to. Actually, you don't have to imagine it, because it's already happening.


I m afraid that you are listening to the wrong people. The fact of the matter is that hundreds of thousand of health care providers are resigning en masse because they are being forced to take an injection that they know is deadly and ineffectual against Covid. At last count we had 375,000 American service personel facing court martial for refusing and experimental vaccine that has killed more people than all the other vaccines in history put together. You don't know these facts? Because the media has betrayed America.


Please cite a credible source(s) for your claims. Betcha can't.


phxnative54...Pardon my error ,i only quoted active army personnel numbers. Total military personnel all services is about 2.4 million. 375,000 vaccine resisters out 2.4 million...easily.


Thank you for your logical letter. Very well written. You are not alone.


Just curious. If information is being withheld from the public, how did you find out what is being kept secret? After all, if you found out about it, so can anyone else. N'est-ce pas vrai ? What is the scientific source of “injection that they know is deadly and ineffectual against Covid.”? From USA Facts, “As of March 11, federal health officials say there is no evidence linking deaths reported after vaccinations and the vaccinations themselves.” In addition, the vaccines are highly effective as shown by actual data from real-world observations. Presently over 97% of new infections and deaths are among the unvaccinated. That alone shows how effective the vaccines are.

U.S News reports, Nov 3, 2021 that “Fewer than 0.3% (just 0.003) of the 326,000 troops within the Department of the Air Force have openly refused to receive the coronavirus vaccine before its Nov. 2 deadline – the first among the military branches. Total figures are comparable. Far less than one percent are facing discipline for refusing the vaccine.

Moreover, the vaccines are not experimental, they have been approved by the CDC and FDA. Neither are the vaccines new, only the technology is new because it uses no live viruses. Additionally, you have not specified the motive for using a “deadly” vaccine. There is no positive cost-benefit outcome for doing so. Finally, what is claimed here involves a worldwide conspiracy among millions of doctors, scientists, researchers, Journalists, universities, labs, investigators, public health officials and just plain curious folk. That is absurd on its face.


You should call them and ask for your mail.


As we knew all along, guest149 cannot post his sources. Why? Because they are secret? No, because they do not exist.

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