The White Mountain Institute (WMI) is an accredited alternative learning, computer-based program that offers various benefits which are not native to a normal high school. The WMI is part of the Show Low Unified School District. The flexibility of WMI can help busy or working students to fulfill their desire for education. WMI also offers dual-enrollment college classes, which help students get the most out of their education. WMI classes can be administered either in-person or online 24/7, which is just another added bonus.

There are no restrictions on how quickly a class can be finished as the classes are self-paced. Students who are behind on credits can get caught up and graduate on time provided they are willing to work. Additionally, WMI provides breakfast and lunch meals for the in-person classes.

As a current student, I can tell you that my experience at WMI has been nothing other than positive. The friendly, knowledgeable staff help create the perfect learning environment for students. I personally have benefited in other ways from WMI. The self-paced accelerated classes have helped me balance school with other commitments. I have been able to work part-time, play sports at the Show Low High School while still attending college part-time. The dual-enrollment classes offered by WMI also will help me obtain a college degree while earning high school credits. The flexibility of WMI helps to fit the needs of exceptional students.

Many kids are looking for something different that can fit their personal needs better. For me, the answer was WMI. I have no complaints about this non-traditional form of schooling. I hope others can jump on the opportunities WMI provides and reap the rewards.

Diego Aguilar-Campos, 

Show Low

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