Is congressman Paul Gosar the best we can do for our district?

He is a sick cartoon character that would be so laughable were it not for his congressional status bringing a sort of legitimacy to white supremacists, insurrectionists and murderers who are attempting to ruin our government of laws. Gosar recently tweeted out a video on his congressional account showing him killing Rep Ocasio-Cortez and attacking President Joe Biden. In any workplace in America, if a coworker made a cartoon video killing another coworker, that person would be immediately fired.

George Washington said in his farewell address Sept 17, 1796, "The very idea of the power and the right of the people to establish Government presupposes the duty of every Individual to obey the established Government."

President Washington presupposed reasonable law abiding citizens, not a Paul Gosar who supports what? Anarchy? Fascism? Ethnic Cleansing? Murder of a fellow congressperson? Murder of our President?

Alan Smith,



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Alan, give us a break!

Any worse than Biden calling Rittenhouse a white supremacists???

Alan Joseph Smith

He is a white supremacist. He can be seen January 5th of this year on video drinking beer with a group of Proud Boys and flashing white supremacist hand signs. Yes, I agree with Biden that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist. Rittenhouse brought an AR 15 semiautomatic weapon from out of state to a Black Lives Matters protest. How would police have dealt with a black person with an AR 15 at these protests.

Alan Joseph Smith

On January 5th of this year he was seen on video having beers with Proud Boys members and flashing White Power signs.

Not Donald Trump

You, sir, just posted the most well thought-out commentary on Gosar. I've asked myself many times over the last couple of years, How does this guy get enough votes to get elected? The latest video you referenced is a perfect example of why this clown needs to be removed from office. Lord help us if he is re-elected and Kari Lake is elected. It's time to elect some adults.


The hypocrisy of the left never ceases to amaze me. Violent political cartoons have been a part of American history from the beginning. Paul Gosar is a good and decent man who has fought many battles including the betrayal and jealousy of his own family. Such a betrayal is hard for any man. He is a strong proponent of fair elections and the Constitution. which is why the democrats hate him. But tell me, why was Kathy Griffin, holding up the bloody severed head of Donald Trump, our sitting president cheered and broadcast world wide by the leftist media? Democrats don't seem to have any honor at all.

Alan Joseph Smith

Kathy Griffin’s photo was condemned by Democrats and she apologized. Gosar has not apologized and ALL of the Republican House members, but two, supported him in the censure vote.


After it was gleefully celebrated in the popular media. And quite insincerely.


The Lord will help us...Kari Lake is a Great woman, with a good heart, she has a hell of a lot of smarts, and she loves this might try that.

Alan Joseph Smith

Not sure where Republicans get their news or if they just make it up. CBS is a major media out let and they reported on Kathy Griffin saying,” Kathy Griffin sent shockwaves through the internet when she posed with a "beheaded" President Trump. Hours after the image was released, she apologized and said she went "way too far." I don’t see this reporting as gleeful. The reason she apologized “hours after the photo was release” was due to the IMMEDIATE backlash over the photo.


Today there are lots of dedicated public servants who are being threatened. How do we attract the best candidates for politics, school boards and even retail workers when they are being threatened by people who are having a bad day? Be assertive and call out bad behavior. Most people are comforted knowing that the rest of society has integrity and character.


Gosar represents himself (narcissist) and does nothing to move us positively forward. Government can work well for the people but not when people like Gosar get elected. He's an embarrassment. As long as he's in office, hatred will continue to surge in the GOP. Making up excuses, such as throwing Biden into this, is classic GOP playbook garbage (blame everyone else). Gosar should step down. It's not a joke what he did - it's dangerous! We need professional leaders and he's far from it.


There is no logic regarding this guy getting elected. The GOP cannot "police" themselves from anything. So Gosar continues to embarrass Arizona without any accountability. His latest charade is yet another act of someone needing attention. Faith and integrity will prevail and his actions will catch up with him. Congress continues to disappoint us, we deserve better!


Alan, Joe, Not, Clown2 - If you feel so strongly about it, why don't you jump in and run for Gosar's seat?


People who elected this insurrectionist would love to see anarchy and the disruption of our democracy. My question to them is: Then what? Wait in long lines like they do in Russia to possibly get a bag of potatoes before the truck leaves? Watch our roads deteriorate into potholes? Find that Grandma no longer receives her Social Security check and now has to beg in the street? Watch as we devolve into civil war? Actually, they'd love that part. They can use their assault rifles to kill those that don't agree with them.


They all smell about the same - rotten, past time to dump the parties. Less than 10 percent of the Senate and 15 percent of the house are of worth and even they should be watched. Sadly to many voters couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag


Yah I know I forgot an o


What he did was so weird! He's shot himself in the foot for sure, the idiot!

Alan Joseph Smith

What we need in AZ is “Top Two” primary election instead of our closed primary elections we now have. In 2019 the breakdown for the major three parties were: 35% Republican, 31% Democrat, 1% Libertarian and 33% were Independent. AZ prides itself on being mavericks, as being Independents, but Independents never get a say on who the candidates will be. This makes “Closed” primaries the biggest form of voter suppression in the country. In most elections, the outcome is determined in the first round of voting—the “Closed” primary. In the majority of races, once a candidate wins the primary, which under a “closed” primary system is limited to members of their own party, they do not face a real challenge in the November election. Most of elected officials in this country are winning office without having to communicate with voters outside their own party. AZ’s independent voters are, in reality, left out of this process. Three states now have “Top Two” primaries under which ALL registered voters are allowed to vote with the “top two” going head to head in the election that decides our final election winners. Using this type of election will moderate the field and eliminate ultra right or left candidates, like a Paul Gosar or an Alexandria Ocasio Cortez as fringe candidates. Both major parties do not want “top two primaries because they don t want to lose their “safe” districts. Only though voters initiatives has this been implemented. Please support the “Too Two” primary for a better America.

Alan Smith

Lakeside AZ

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