No, the firemen do not steal property from a home when they are putting out a fire. They do not do that when a vehicle is on fire either. They will not steal a cat that has gotten stuck up a tree. They will not steal when rescuing a child from a pool.

But, they are stealing the livelihood of locksmiths and tow-truck companies, at a great cost to all taxpayers.

They drive that big ladder truck and take along a small truck with several firemen to watch three people unlock a car. This is no joke. It’s not funny. It’s expensive. How many gallons of fuel do you suppose those vehicles burn? What are the wages for multiple men to do the work that one real locksmith could do?

The owner of the vehicle may think he/she has gotten a deal, an unlock for free. Nothing is free. The owner pays much more in the form of higher taxes and now Timber Mesa wants millions more of those tax dollars.

This practice was condoned in the Phoenix area but ended because of liability issues and failing public relations.

Tell them to just stop it. We’ll have no more of their wasteful spending on our dollar. Say it with your vote No on Prop. 428, the Timber Mesa Bond.

Myra Larsen,

Show Low

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Who remembers when the Show Low Fire Department embezzled a boat load of money from us the tax payer. I wonder what ever happened to Ben and his daughter? WE cannot afford any additional taxes.


I was already a NO vote on 428, but this was another reason to quit throwing our tax dollars around like candy.

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