You’ll be fine. Well, maybe you will. And maybe you will unknowingly spread the virus without experiencing any symptoms at all. But this isn't about you.

It’s giving a darn about others who may not be as healthy as you; giving a darn for the entire community; and giving a darn for the caregivers that will have to risk their lives dealing with the consequences of your abominable selfishness. Get vaccinated. Wear the mask indoors. Social distance. Wash your hands.

“I hear it’s just a bad flu.” It most certainly is not just a bad flu. It kills 50 times more often, and unlike the flu, can lead to permanent complications, such as: brain disorders, stroke, blood clots, gastrointestinal issues, intense fatigue, shortness of breath, damage to lungs, blood, kidneys and liver. In one study: “91% of patients were not hospitalized, but suffered these side-effects despite their cases qualifying as mild. While 85% of those patients considered themselves generally healthy before, only 6% still did so one month or more after getting the virus.” Get vaccinated. Wear the mask indoors. Social distance. Wash your hands.

Is it really a question of everybody knowing somebody who dies that will finally wake people up? That is actually happening now, in communities across the country. Let’s not let it happen to ours. Get vaccinated. Wear the mask indoors. Social distance. Wash your hands.

You want your freedoms back? You want the country to open up? Get vaccinated. Wear the mask indoors. Social distance. Wash your hands.

Why is taking personal responsibility such a bother, as the world faces its worst pandemic in recent history? Not following the guidelines is like driving drunk on the wrong side of the road. You might kill somebody, you might not. But moral people recognize the danger and follow the rules in order to keep themselves and others safe. It’s called being a responsible adult. Anyone not wearing a mask indoors these days is proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are most definitely not a responsible adult. Get vaccinated. Wear the mask indoors. Social distance. Wash your hands.

This virus has no politics, no agenda, no religion, no qualms about anything but an easy target. It infects and kills at every opportunity. Stop giving it the opportunity. Get vaccinated. Wear the mask indoors. Wash your hands. Social distance. Or soon there will be a dead body on your block, and my block, and everybody else’s.

It's not about you. It’s about all of us.

Lorinda Paca,


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Well said and thank you for the attention getting metaphorical poke in the eye. We all need to do our part to overcome this virus.


For sure.


Lorinda Paca, EXCELLENT. Pick any prize on the top shelf.


With personal liberty comes personal responsibility. We live as members of an american society not as anarchists.


Lorinda: Well said, thank you. It's frustrating and infuriating to see and hear so many people up here on The Mountain yelling "I got muh rights!" and "I just want this to be over!" and yet they won't perform their RESPONSIBILITIES and do what it takes to make this thing be over: Get vaccinated, wear a mask, social distance.


Well if you dont like what people here on the mountain are saying,then dont let the door hit you on the way out.


No, Jordan, I'm not going anywhere. I will stay and continue to educate, persuade, encourage and cajole my fellow "Mountain folk" to do what's right for themselves, their families, their friends and their communities: Get vaccinated, wear a mask, and maintain social distancing until we get through this. Failing that, I will do what my "preaching" has provided to me: I will outlive you.




Phxnative first of all, just getting covid doesnt mean you're gonna die. In fact, there's a 98 percent chance you won't die. Not quite sure if you knew that or not. Secondly, I'm not gonna live in this crazy this world in fear my whole life. You very well may outlive me, you may not, that's not really up to me, that's the Lord's call. If you do outlive me think about it, you get Joe Biden, I get Jesus, no comparison there,I win.


Hmmm, Jordan, whether you get Jesus is not your call either, you may wind up shoveling coal into the fires with Pol Pot.


Great article. I really like the three part chant that you repeated often. These chants tend to catch on with our stubborn Trump supporters.


Vtrone nope it's not my call but I also know that I trust in Christ and believe in Christ and that he died for me and all believers. So by that I KNOW that I get Jesus.


So Jordan, would Jesus take a person by his side, that is doing his best to derail efforts that are meant to keep our fellow americans from getting sick and dying or would he take by his side a person like Phxnative54 or Joe Biden who are doing their best to save lives. I would put my money on Biden and phxnative54.


Hmmm, saving lives by allowing abortions, doesnt sound like saving lives to me.


The U.S. Supreme Court allowed women to have an abortion, because they ruled it is a woman's Constitutional Right. It is their sole decision to make. You republican Trumpanzees are intent on taking a woman's Constitutional Rights away to decide for themselves their own reproductive healthcare. It is a woman's choice to make; it is between her, her doctor, and her God. It is not the republican party's choice to make. Apperantly republicans think women are to stupid to think for themselves. Democrats support a woman's right to make her own decisions on abortion, republican Trumpanzees on the other hand, want to deny women an abortion in cases of criminally raped, incest, and even when the mother's life is at stake. That is not saving a life, it is condeming a woman to die.What's worse yet, is when any child is born, republicans historically have voted to deny families with newborns any medical healthcare or acceses to life sustaining nutrition. Socialism republicans call it.


Thanks for proving my point for me. It's my constitutional right to get vaccinated or not. You talk all the time about freedoms but only if it's what YOU want. I have the freedom to do what I want with my body as well, just like you just said. I'm out, have a great night.


You're welcome Jordan, and thanks also for pointing out how hypocritical the republican party is. They claim to have the constitutional right to do what they want with their body even if it endangers the public. Yet with women,republicans want to take away their Constitutional Rights and Freedoms to decide what happens to their bodies and their own reproductive healthcare. Texas republican politicians are living

proof of the republican hypocritical agenda.

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