Jeff Flake has decided to stand for principle, even though it means giving up his U.S. Senate seat.

Some LDS people believe in the White Horse Prophecy, a prediction that the Mormon Church will save the United States. The particular scenario, loosely attributed to church founder Joseph Smith, is outside the official canon and is in some disrepute. But in a broader sense, most Mormons know that saving the Constitution is in their job description.

What better person to lead the charge than Flake, who is handsome, bright, principled and possesses a deep understanding of public policy? He is the great-great-grandson of the founder of one of Arizona’s first successful LDS communities.

But instead of riding the horse, Flake has decided to unsaddle his mount, withdraw from public service and let the Trump administration fall from its own vice, incompetence and lack of principle.

There are only six Mormons in the Senate. You can believe Flake did not make his decision without talking to someone in the 801 area code. It is hard to believe that any church leader advised anything other than the path he chose — standing for principle and walking away from Trump.

Mitt Romney, a highly respected Mormon, warned of the dangers of Trump and it’s hard to fault Mitt’s insights.

Kelli Ward jumped on Flake’s decision, much as she shamelessly welcomed John McCain’s illness as a personal opportunity to get to the Senate. Arizonans will have another 12 months to judge the Trump administration by its fruits. Many will agree with Flake on the direction needed to save the Constitution. A know-nothing, self-serving blow-hard is not who we need in this critical situation.

If Mormons lack enthusiasm for Ward, Arizona will be represented in the Senate by Kyrsten Sinema, the most moderate of Democrats.

Eric Kramer,


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Reports are that Orin Hatch is also resigning because of Trump. Those reports also indicate Mitt Romney will take over Hatch's seat. Flake quits rather than fight, while Romney is stepping up to take on the Trump regime.


He was going to LOSE. He didn't "give up" anything. He's a loser and was about to lose. He's no savior, he's a traitor. Wise up.


LOL.... This letter writer says........................"Jeff Flake has decided to stand for principle, even though it means giving up his U.S. Senate seat."

Umm, yeah, no.

First off, it wasn't 'his seat'. The position in the Senate belongs to the State of Arizona and its voters.

Secondly, his implied 'lofty principles' (lol) didn't dictate that he not seek reelection, the flat-fact that he was going to get his narrow rat's-rear end handed to him is why he is slinking away.

Of course, like any little petty ankle-biting creature, he had to dart out and nip at the ankles of those he feels threatened by on his slither out the door.

He was going to suffer an epic and embarrassing thrashing and loss if he ran again.

This is directly due to his duplicity, falsity, betrayals and his subversions of the Constitution and the interests of the State and of our State and National Sovereignty via his love-fest with amnesty and virtually unchecked legal and illegal immigration.

He may be adored by the other subversive-collectivists in the state and by the chamber of commerse and business subversives who love the flood of illegal and legal interlopers, but traditional Arizona/America reject his Globalist-Collectivist skunk-stripe.

Just like all identity-block voting, the LDS vote goes the way of that of the Repubs and the Dems...thus we often see mass support for 'one of their own' over who/what may be the best 'Liberty/Constitution' choice, regardless of how transparantly phoney and duplicitous they may be.

And so continues the fall of the Republic and the loss of Constitutional America.

As far as I am concerned, Flake is of the same subversive-collectivist domestic-enemy ilk as is the McStain.

Now if only the McStain would have a spark of dignity and step down also......


I made a comment to a friend in town about McCain and he should just take his pension and fade away. Another heard my comment and said I should have more respect for the Senator. So: Senator McCain, I respectfully request that you follow Senator Flake's example and retire.


That old Benedict Arnold traitor will never retire. He'll have himself wheeled in to congress on his last day of life on a gurney just so he can vote against his own party and screw the country til the very end.


Jeff Flake decided to "stand for principle"? Translation; Flake pit himself over another's principles, and lost.


"the Mormon Church will save the United States"??? Oh please. Just because it is one of the most "successful" cults doesn't make it our savior! It was founded by a known and documented con-artist and convicted felon for several fraud schemes. Flake is no better, he simply saw the writing on the wall and knew he did not have a snowball's chance in H.E.double hockey sticks of getting re-elected. Trust me, NO church is going to be the savior of this country! What we need are people who think and use their position to do the bidding of the people who voted for them.


I've recently heard a comment made by a religious zealot that goes like this: "I don't have to THINK, I a C.........!
Good post johndoe! [thumbup]


My fingers got all muddled on that last comment. Should have read: "I'm a C......., I don't have to THINK" Sorry! My opinion is that organized religion is a main reason for the social fracturing of this country.


Billy: Right you are. A very significant portion of Trump's base consists of religious zealots who seek, always, to abuse the power of government to impose their religion on everyone else.
"My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." Dalai Lama


[thumbup] Ron. Not a lot of yours and ours around lately though!


Ronzim's quote follows, with corrections made in CAPS to illustrate the ironic projection in his comment.

'.... A very significant portion of LEFTY COLLECTIVIST PROGRESSIVES consists of religious zealots who seek, always, to abuse the power of government to impose their religion on everyone else.'

Yep Comrade are correct. You and your philosophical and ideological Brethren are Govt Religionists/ Govt Cultists who display belief and preach dogma as if Govt is your God and Statist process/programs/policy are your gospel and commandments.

When one looks at the evangelism, preaching, govt-religionist gospel/tenants and dogma that is consistently spouted by your ilk, in the 'govt is your religion' context, it swims into crystal-clear focus.

Project much?


Since LORB loves to use the "ist" ending in nearly all of his ideological, nonsensical rants, let's describe him as an "uninformist, ignoramist, nincompoopist"! Never seen such blather on this website before. Oops, forgot the likes of Russ, K etc.


I believe in the constitutionally created government of the United States of America. Why? Because it protects our freedoms and our liberties and because it allows for correcting any abusive/unconstituional laws or regulations that may be enacted. To blame our U.S. government for bad laws or regulations pushed through by politicians is equivilent to blaminig a car for what a driver does. Conservative nihilism is never positive nor constructive, but is instead, a schizophrenic delusion.


Billy: "Nincompoopist"? Thank you for a nice chuckle just before dinner. I am definitely adding that to my vocabulary. LORB grabs at his usual rhetorical straws but his tortured logic cannot dispel the ill-informed nature of his contortions. Religion, of course, involves the recognition and worship of a supernatural entity, usually a deity of some sort. Preferring the ideals of the Enlightenment, as well as the fundamental tenets of our own Constitution, having to do with the obligation of government to tend to the well being of its citizens (we care for one another) is the foundation of civilization itself. That is not even to mention that it is the basic teaching of Christianity. I certainly harbor no ill will toward those who prefer other forms of government(even the authoritarianists[see?] who actually like the autocratic Trump and his minions of the oligarchy who now hold sway in Washington. Let's have that debate. Let's find ways to meet in the middle where the real political action is in America. There are 29 millions without health care insurance, 49 millions in hunger, 40 millions in poverty, 30 million adults without a high school education. For shame. For shame.

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