Well, in the late night hours of Friday, Nov. 5, Tom O'Halleran (LD1 Representative) and his Democrat colleagues in the House of Representatives (along with 13 Republicans) passed the $1.9 trillion Infrastructure Bill as part of Biden's Build Back Better agenda.

This is the most irresponsible act of Congress that should not have happened at this time.

We are living, or rather suffering, in very high inflationary times caused by the outrageous spending of the last two years. Our elected officials spend money like they can print it… oh, yeah they can and do! Our national debt is enslaving us for generations to come, and yet they keep on spending that "cheese". When more than 50% of your income is taxed and given to the government for their socialist programs, then you are a slave to the system. Two things are certain in the life, death and taxes. You watch….federal taxes are going up, regardless of what demented Joe Biden says.

Well, now that the Infrastructure bill passed, let's hear from Tom O'Halleran on what his district will get out of it (besides more inflation and slavery). What improvements will we see throughout LD1? I want bullet points so that they can be checked off as they get completed. Lay it out and defend your vote, Tom.

If the voters continue to vote for representatives that can't defend their vote and continue to lay over for the liberal agenda that is clearly hurting America, then shame on those voters. We need representatives that will vote to uphold the Constitution, that protects civil liberties, and puts America first. Look at the liberal agendas that have put America last, such as sending our manufacturing jobs outside of the country. (You can thank Bill Clinton for that.) We are now living, or rather suffering, with this horrible, America last agenda with the supply chain falling apart. If we had kept manufacturing jobs in America, the supply chain wouldn't be as bad as it is now and America's middle class would still be strong.

Does the Infrastructure bill put sanctions on companies that manufacture outside of America? Do we get better roads and bridges out of this bill? What do we in LD1 get? How about incentivizing businesses to come out to the rural communities, instead of punishing them by making them pay for infrastructure to build/start their companies.

Come back to the White Mountains, Mr. O'Halleran, so our questions can be answered!

Patrick Klein,


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Don’t forget that the spending spree started with Trump and he and the republicans are just as responsible for our soaring deficit (not to mention their huge tax cut for the wealthy). I’m with you that we need to be fiscally responsible, but don’t be blind to the whole truth because of partisanship.


"It is disingenuous to target spending on social programs as the cause of inflation. If government spending is a cause of inflation, then the totality of government spending is the cause of inflation. It is entirely legitimate to debate whether the federal government is spending too much; it is bogus to suggest dollars spent on Medicare cause inflation but dollars spent on defense do not. For example, the U.S. defense budget is larger than the combined defense budgets of the next eleven largest militaries in the world, including China, Russia, India, U.K., Germany, France, Japan, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and Australia. Don’t fall for the false premise that only dollars spent on social programs cause inflation. Every federal dollar injected into the economy affects the supply and demand for goods and services. If we want to fight inflation by reducing spending, everything should be on the table."

"And we must recognize that the current spike in inflation is occurring during the recovery from one of the deepest, quickest economic contractions on record. Fueling the recovery—including the creation of six million new jobs—required injecting a record amount of money into the economy. Whether that was a wise investment is a question that reasonable minds can debate. But we must recognize that spending to recover from a once-in-a-generation recession contributed to the current inflation rate. It is worth noting that the U.S. recovered from the pandemic recession more quickly than every other developed country in the world."

"In fact, the spending helped Americans during a major economic and health crisis."

- Robert Hubbell


Patrick Klein, you stated the views of many of us. The asinine spending spree the left is on, the taxing that will push even more manufacturing out of our country and so many other boneheaded moves are going to continue to make the country weaker and more dependent on those who hate us.

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