Remember when the head of state of a foreign country came to speak in front of our Congress and petulantly complained about perceived offenses by a political opponent or group?

Neither do I. Remember when the head of state of a foreign country gave disparaging nicknames to everyone he/she didn't like? But that's just what our narcissistic president just did in Britain.

When will this embarrassment end? We're the laughing stock of the world.

Mitch Mitchke,


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Trump 2020




Mitch the only laughing stock are people like AOC, Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi who spout off insane ideas and policy. Trump is rude and crass, so what. The world needs a good slap in the face every once in a while. Get over it. We have become a nation of whinny babies who need their safe place. Boo Hoo.


Good on you johndoe!


IMPEACH, the treasonous, pathological liar, sexual predator, predatory capitalist, delusional dolt,draft dodger, ignoramous supreme, racist, are just of few of the other adjectives that the american people, the press and other countries are saying about Trump. However, we have to note that conservative republicans who lack the cognitive skills to do simple extrapolations on the misdeeds of Trump are easily persuaded by his constant repetitive use of three simple words,"it's a witch hunt." With those magic words, Trump has amassed the full support of republicans to declare himself America's first demagogue dictator.

Johnny D

Impeachment does not mean removal from office. You spout all these pejoratives but you can't site one example of his misogyny. So what, he made some comments in locker room fashion. Were you this angry when Bill Clinton sexually harassed at least 10 women and was actually accused of rape by at least one or two? How about your hero Hilary Clinton who destroyed the lives of any woman who came forward with an accusation of Bills Malfeasance? Get over this and move on. You're a one note tune. Jeez!


Al,Tell me how you really feel about Trump !!!!


Reading Al's comment its sad to see someone suffering from multiple disorders. Liberalism, Trump Derangement, Collusion Delusion... Hopefully the left starts its impeachment proceedings. It will be the final nail in the coffin for the Democrat Party. The Senate will never vote to convict. After proving his innocence, Trump is stronger than ever. Trump will be one of the greatest president ever. Actually, he already is. T R U M P 2020 Enjoy[smile]


Also lets not forget - Robert Mueller had one job... Get Trump! He had an army of Hillary-loving Democrat Lawyers... subpoenaed millions of documents... spent over $30 MILLION taxpayer dollars... investigated everyone around Trump... and walked away with nothing. Sure, he indicted a bunch of Russians (who will never see a day in court) and he conned some victims into pleading guilty, but Trump was exonerated! They couldn't even get him for chewing gum in grade school, but you know they tried. Mitch, the world is in awe.


Loved your letter and your reasoning, Richard! Race and gender division is the bedrock of Democratic rabble-rousing,but somehow, conservatives have become the whipping boy for them when what we actually espouse is carrying your own weight. Good letter!


Johnny D, You are correct, impeachment does not mean removal from office. It however, is the start of the civil constitutional process of removing a president from office. Once a president is impeached and convicted through the civil process,he is removed from office, then at that point criminal charges can be brought against a president. Since you state that I can't cite one example of Trump's misogyny,... well here goes. It is a matter of public records that accusations from at least 20 women accusing Trump range from sexual assault, rape, groping and also using his influence to view teenage girls naked at his beauty pagents. Of course, everybody is aware that he, according to his own lawyer, engaged in sexual affairs with prostitutes, made them sign non disclosure agreements and according to one the prostitutes, threatened her with physical harm for making the affairs public. Hummm, wasn't it Trump who remarked to the female Fox News anchor during the 2016 republican debates that blood was coming out of her "you know what," or then we have Trump calling women "nasty" and low I.Q. in public. Worse yet, Trump was accused of raping a 13 year old girl. Case 1:16-cv-04642 in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York. So Johnny D, When you hear Trump bragging in the "Hollywood Tapes" that he gropes women in their private parts, you still think it's all locker room talk? If you do, it must be a locker room full republican perverts. A bigger disappointment is that in the United States we have two systems of justice. One for the average american and one for the wealthy. While the average american that commits a sex crime is sure to be sent to prison, but some that are rich that commit the same sex crimes will pay off the victim, have them sign a non-disclosure form, or pay off the victims lawyer,or pay off the politicians,or the prosecutors, and wealthy criminals will go scott free.


It can hardly be said that Trump was exonerated when, in fact, over 1000 prosecutors, accompanied by constitutional scholars, judges and legal experts say that he, unequivocally, committed several felonies which are documented in the Mueller report. Importantly, about a dozen investigations are still in train, so there may be more crimes exposed. I have just finished reading part two of the Mueller report and there is no doubt about Trump's crimes. One very experienced and talented federal prosecutor says she will volunteer to prosecute Trump and is certain of convictions and winning all appeals. Another points out that if you conceal Trump's name and prosecute him as "John Doe", convictions would be a snap. Anyone who is not in the grip of ideological, willful ignorance can draw no other conclusion. Trump is running behind several DEM candidates in national polls. His defeat next year means almost certain jail time if he is not pardoned. The real danger is that we will have another weak attitude and he will get away in order to avoid a divisive trial for his crimes. Americans are tougher than that. I don't think I will collapse under the strain of his criminal trial. Of course, someone will have to administer oxygen to Kellyanne Conway, but I think the rest of will come through O.K. "Without justice, the most heinous crimes go unpunished; victims are unable to obtain redress, and peace remains an elusive goal, since impunity generates more hatred, leading to acts of revenge and more suffering." Federica Mogherini


Lol the libtards are suffering

commador perry

Trump is the leader of the cult of delusion. A bunch of blank minded followers like Jim Jones had. And they are already drinking the cool aid.

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