The biggest highlight of Environmental Day at the state capitol on Jan. 5 was the number of students who attended. They were mostly high schoolers from Tucson, Phoenix, Flagstaff and other places as well. They were there because they have an interest in how our state government works and because they have questions for our lawmakers concerning the environment. One of the features of Environmental Day is for our politicians to make themselves available to the people to discuss their concerns.

The biggest disappointment was the lack of interest shown by some of our politicians. One group of students from Flagstaff had requested time with Sen. Sylvia Allen, Rep. Walter Blackman and Rep. Bob Thorpe. Allen had already turned them down in the past, so they didn’t expect much from her, but Blackman and Thorpe, who both represent Flagstaff, agreed to meet with them. The students waited and waited, but both Blackman and Thorpe were no-shows, and of course Allen as well.

State Sen. Juan Mendez from District 26 did show up. He also spent almost an hour with the students from Flagstaff, listening to what they had to say and answering their questions, and he wasn’t even from their district.

There is no question that these politicians are busy, but wouldn’t it have been decent to let these young citizens know they couldn’t, or wouldn’t keep their appointment with them? Rep. Thorpe even walked through the event, but never stopped to engage them. Wouldn’t it have been decent to at least send someone in their place? But to ignore their own constituents is disappointing, disgusting and disturbing, and no way to treat future voters.

Wayne Pearce,

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They probably dont have time to listen to human caused climate change hoaxes


I agree with you, Wayne, that nobody, even lawmakers. should make commitments they don't keep. However, I am up to HERE with people taking seriously any political comments made by people under the voting age. Most of us didn't have a clue about the way the world works until we got our first real paycheck. whether it's the totally innocent Covington Catholic students or the little leftist tool, Greta Thunberg, adults are idiots to put much store in what kids say about politics.

Wayne Pearce

I hope every teenager in Arizona gets a chance to read 2rusty's opinions of them. He calls Greta Thunberg a "tool" like tools are a bad thing. Isn't our use of tools something that makes humans special in a good way? And what makes 2rusty think for a moment that people above the voting age have their act together? Because we don't.


Sure looks like the right wing politicans want to keep dumbing down students about enviromental science. Either that or they are too ignorant to enter into a discussion

with high school students.


If you are under 30 and are not Liberal, you don't have a heart!

If you are over 30 and are not Conservative, you don't have a brain!

che guevara

ppetersen55 ; At the Yalta Conference of 1945 , hosted in the Crimea , a senile old man - Franklin Delano Roosevelt ; a psychopath - Josef Stalin ; and an alcoholic - Winston Churchill , condemned approximately one - fifth of the world's population to a brutal and oppressive existence behind the Iron Curtain with simply a handshake , a few drinks , a few cigars , and a few strokes of the pen . This same Winston Churchill said the quote that you posted above . Makes one wonder just where was Winnie's heart and his head on that fateful day ? One might also ask that same question when Winnie was crawling out of a bottle of brandy and engineering the disaster of the amphibious assault on Gallippoli during WWI , when thousands of innocent young men were sent to their slaughter in one of Britain's most failed military campaigns . One might again inquire as to the whereabouts of Winnie's heart and brain ---- that is to say , if he ever really had one . By the way , when he helped to engineer the Gallippoli slaughter he was under 30 , when he condemned more innocent people at Yalta he was over 30 .

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