Why do you have pass a member of the SLPD or see on sitting on the side of the road in one of their brand new marked or unmarked vehicles for every 10 potholes you hit in that short amount of time.

Why is so much money being spent on policing and our roads are garbage?

White Mountain Boulevard is getting pretty ridiculous, in fact it’s pathetic. City council needs to start thinking about how they are allocating funds and maybe find someone who knows how to run streetlights so you don’t have to stop at every single one on the Deuce and White Mountain Boulevard.

Jason Shumway,



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The Deuce is State route 60 and WMB is 260. My guess is that ADOT is in charge of fixing them.


I think the pot holes on Deuce of Clubs and 260 White Mt Blvd are under the authority of ADOT. City has nothing to do with them. As for cops sitting on side of road in their new vehicles go, as a retired Police Officer from Phoenix I can tell you they are writing reports. That new car is their office. I would much rather be see them on side of road where they can take action against crimes rather than in the station where cop haters can get away before they get to their new cars to respond. Always amazed me how people without training know more than those who went to B the academy.


I agree about the potholes that is. And that falls under ADOT. You know, the same people who wanted to put a $500K round-a-bout in on Lone Pine Dam Rd. Because building a round a bout on the country road is more important than fixing and maintaining our dilapidating roads.


I agree, the roads are in dire need of repair. And while we're on the subject of where money should be going, let's not forget about our schools and teachers! More money should be going toward education and grammar!


What do roads have to do with education. None. And schools and teachers got what they wanted and shouldnt had. And why should they get more when schools are not even open. Screw that.


I don’t usually agree with the witch, but on this matter I do. I lost respect for our educators when they refused to work because of COVID. Doctors, nurses, police officers, firefighters, EMTs, grocery store clerks, and the likes have to go to work during this pandemic. Why can’t our educators?

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