I have just spent my last 75 cents on your worthless Newspaper. How dare you print that despicable letter from Eric Kramer. Would you have printed the same letter if it had been written about Obama supporters? I don't think so. The opinion was hateful and you in the media are the big contributors to the hate and division that is occurring in this country. Get a clue!! Why would you print something that belittles so many of your readers?

Mary Johnson,


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Apperantly, Mary never heard of the 1st Amendment and freedom of speech, freedom of the press. Of course, one has to do a little extrapolation to understand that one of the obstacles keeping the corrupt Donald Trump from becoming a bona fide dictator is the media. That is why the trump hates the press.


Gee, Mary, Eric's tongue-in-cheek remarks appeared under the aegis of the opinion domain of the paper. Have you forgotten that it is a duty of journalism to provide public exposure to a broad spectrum of thoughts and opinions on public affairs? Try tuning in to the Alex Jones show which is broadcast from Austin, Texas on the Genesis work. That should be right up your alley.


Well Mary that's what the left does. They love to point fingers and blame and call hate when they are the ones guilty of spreading the hate. If you don't agree with them you are racist and evil. WMI loves to spread the hate.


It's called freedom of speech!!!!! How dare you along with other tRumpites try to stop freedom of the press and speech... get a life..


Hey Mary... Hope you won't really quit buying our local paper. I agree with you that Erik Kramer spouts nonsense and insults a great many of us. That's why we need rational voices like yours to keep everyone honest!


The question is: Why doesn't WMI put up my post on this LTTE submittted on 10/18/2019?


Mary, This paper, WMI, has it's faults, but it isn't worthless as you say. You got to publish your letter and express your opinion however misinformed it may be.

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