Don’t give the president a hard time. Just buy back your dignity

Buy a Harley motorcyle. Donate it to one of his least favorite causes, like immigrants from Central America, Planned Parenthood or Black Lives Matter, the list is endless. How about a scholarship for healthcare workers?

Keep records, turn in your donation on your tax returns.

Trump keeps his job, you are fighting back, those who are less fortunate benefit and you become a real American hero.

That’s what will save Americans, we are an endangered species.

Nyoka Morris,


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Liberals will destroy this country


What's wrong with you?


If you haven't figued it out, Democrats have chosen:

1. Isreal's enemies over Isreal
2. Muslims over Americans
3. Socialism over Democracy
4. Communism over Capitalism
5. Criminals over Police
6. Globalists over America
7. Wall Street over Main Street
8. Illegal Aliens over Citizens
9. Atheism over the Almighty God
10. Killing the Unborn over Protecting Them


And finally the Democrats 2018 list -

"Things That Will Kill Us"

1. Trump's Election
2. Tax cuts
3. Net Neutrality
4. Russian war
5. Russian peace
6. Grumpy Kim Jong Un
7. Friendly Kim Jong Un
8. Legal guns
9. Illegal guns
10. People with no guns
11. The police
12. Lack of police
13. Teachers not getting raise
14. Teachers getting raise
15 A Supreme Court Justice

Hahaha M.A.G.A baby!!


Today in Helsinki,In front of the world, Trump managed to discredit his own american intelligence agencies and said that he would take the word of ex-KGB agent Putin over than that of that of all american intelligence agencies. His war with the truth telling U.S. media continues,as well as his daily barrage of lies, insults, of anyone in the media that questions him.

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