Media overreacts in call for gun control

Well, here we go again, another whacko shooting up a school. Of course, just like clockwork, the press and the usual suspect talking heads are screaming for “Gun Control.” Joe Biden was the most disgusting with his speech on the shooting. He could have been presidential and brought the nation together but instead he used it to beat the gun control mantra. Let’s be truthful here. The “Left” and the “Woke” political class don’t give a whit for “The Children.” They’re just fodder to advance their real agenda of disarming everyone. Rham Emmanuel spilled the beans back when he was chief of staff for Barack Obama when he said “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

It’s too simplistic to say that guns are the problem when there are a few other factors in play here. To name a few:

1. There are more Fatherless children today than there were 30 or 40 years ago.

2. There was no internet and social media 30 years ago. People spoke to each other Face to face.

3. Today there are more suicides among teens than there were 30 years ago especially among young girls.

4. The lockdown and isolation of kids under the guise of the pandemic increased depression in kids

5. The diminishing of religious and moral instruction and the slow creep of moral relativism. If there are no moral guardrails then who’s to say what is right and wrong.

There’s always been firearms around. We used to have firearms at the school or in our cars when we enrolled in the school’s Marksmanship program. Nobody thought about shooting up their classmates. AR15s have been around since the mid sixties.

The big difference and the main one for me is boy and girls growing up without a strong mentor in the home. When I was growing up, parents in the neighborhood were every kid’s other parent. There’s also the gender confusion foisted on our kids by public education and the “progressive Left.”

No new gun laws could have prevented this tragedy.

This could have been mitigated. There should have been armed security. The doors should have been locked.

The loudest voices calling for gun control have armed security around them 24/7. We have armed security at airports, Government buildings, why not school kids? There is another glaring irony of ironies here. Elected officials calling for gun control to “Save the Children” promote no limits on abortion even after the child is born. California AB 2223 calls for no penalties for ending the life of a child 18 to 24 months after birth. Come on, you’re either for protecting children or you’re not. You can’t have it both ways.

John Darst


Legislation needed to control shootings

A Federal Law needs to be passed that clearly states anyone besides a Law Enforcement Officer carrying a firearm onto School Grounds is subject to an immediate Shoot to Kill Order.

Ray Jussila

Show Low

Are rights equal for all?

Now, the 14th amendment guarantees equal rights to all; ergo, young women and young men get treated equally before the law. This means that a young woman seeking an abortion and a young man seeking a gun must be treated alike. Fine. So, let us be certain that every state has just one gun shop and that getting a gun anywhere else is a felony.

We also need to be sure there is a long waiting period before possessing the gun and that gun-possession aspirants must view gruesome photos of children who have been murdered by gunfire, while being harangued by gun safety adherents. Oh, before I forget, lets criminalize gun sales and jail the gun shop owners for selling the gun. Well, rats. This would only affect poor gun seekers and would not reduce gunfire homicides one bit.

Damn! I’m proud to be an American.

Ron Zimmerman


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John Darst [thumbup] exactly.

Ray and ronnie - [thumbdown] The Left liberal Democrat answer is wrong again.

Johnny D

Mr Zimmerman, your quip about being proud to be an American seems dubious. You only want "aspirants" who want to buy a gun to be forced to look at photos of slaughtered children by gunfire before they can purchase a gun. You left out abortions. Maybe "Aspirants" who seek an abortion should be forced to look at photos of babies being aborted late term>. Just sayin.


Something John Darst’s letter has in common with most of the anti-gun-control group is that he has this idea that the USA is the only country on earth that has problems. The fact is that every developed country on earth has all the same issues he talks about.

Numbers 1 – 5 all apply to other countries too. Yet somehow they do not have the daily mass shootings that we do. What could possibly be the difference? Could it be that there are more guns than people in the USA? There are other major differences between us and those other developed countries, such as universal healthcare, education provided through college, maternal leave, mental health care, vacations, etc. Those also are likely to have some effect on the mental state of the average citizen. Knowing that seeking mental healthcare or any form of healthcare will not bankrupt you might lessen the stress on a person. We can not continue blindly doing the same thing about all this gun violence and expecting different results. Thoughts and prayers are obviously not working. It’s time to try something else.

The 1934 NFA and the subsequent 1968 GCA both restricted weapons and ownership by weapon’s class and the person. Maybe expand on those existing laws?

All the safety measures we see today do not stop deaths or accidents. They do, however reduce the number and severity of injuries.

Nothing we do will eliminate gun violence or mass shootings. But can we at least try to reduce it? Failure to act is a deliberate choice in favor of more gun violence.


Johnny D; Sorry you lack the capacity to comprehend pure spoof when you see it.


pxllr: [thumbup] Correct as usual.

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