On August 26, I wrote to all three of our electeds (Kelly, Sinema and O’Halleran) asking them to condemn Biden’s “semi-fascists” canard. I’ve still not received a reply. Silence is acquiescence. One may infer that they agree with him.

Jim Manning

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Jim Manning: I'm curious what response you got from Trump when he called all Democrats fascists? You did write him didn't you?


MAGA - make attorneys get attorneys. The Donald corrupts all around him.


Trump 2024


Russ, you took your "Trump 2020 bumper sticker and painted over it with "2024"?


With all due respect, people have been denying election results for a long time. Hillary denied them in 2016 in case you forgot.


She won the popular vote and did not try to overturn the election.


Tiffany Mejia thanks for your heart felt opinion for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and up coming funeral. The British empire, like ALL great countries, have not gotten great without doing some harm to countries they have conquered.


How about "great harm" instead of "some harm?" Britain drained precious resources from the countries they controlled leaving poverty and illness in their wake.


Nonetheless, the Brits really do seem to adore their monarchy. Why else would people stand in lines for up to 24 hours to spend 19 seconds looking at a box decorated with flowers. If someone really wanted to “pay their respects” how about sending a donation in the name of the Queen to the 3.4 millions who are now starving in Pakistan, half of whom are children?

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