Disaster unfolds in England politics

Doing the same failed thing over and over and over again and expecting a different outcome each time is one definition of insanity. Yet again, we see that proved in the disaster now unfolding in England as the failed policy of supply side economics yields yet another unavoidable disaster. The short-lived tenure of the new PM went over a cliff when she immediately imposed supply side economics in the usual form of tax cuts and de-regulation. In addition to the predictable economic debacle, the pound has collapsed, and the Brits outlook is dire indeed.

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Scott Williams it is interesting that when you don't like the views of someone your first move is to cancel their freedom of speech. Maybe you should review our Constitution. Or you might be happier in another county.


RetAirForceBigBlue. I agree. Notice also that Scott Williams provides not a single example of the Marxist propaganda that Dr. Jarrin allegedly exudes in his letters. That can be explained by the fact that any attempt to do so would expose Williams’ vanishingly minute state of knowledge about economics.

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