Double standards not true

In his letter: “MAGA followers deny truth,” the writer defends Joe Biden’s September 1 speech wherein Joe projects numerous evils onto his political opponents.

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Cecilia! Thank you! You are spot on.


Steve Neely - Trump lost the election. 50+ lawsuits and not one Trump appointed judge said that they had a case. Trump's own DOJ and daughter admit he lost the election. The only reason he keeps harping on it is that he has made over $500 million for his PAC that can be spent as his personnel money.

Bail is set by the judges not the Brandon Administration.


Steve Neely: It's hard - if not impossible - to accept any of your arguments as credible when you cite sources like the "Just the News" blog you referenced. According to Media Bias / Fact Check:

"Overall, we rate Just the News Questionable and Right Biased based on story selection that mostly favors a conservative perspective. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to numerous failed fact checks and the promotion of conspiracy theories and right-wing propaganda."



Liberals create laziness with policies that encourage laziness. They take credit for spending taxpayer money plus adding debt to taxpayers to create a permanent group of voters for Democrats... and, it's working!

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