Freedom for all or freedom for none. That is a motto all Americans agree with in principle but some do not honor. Liberty is not in jeopardy in our country for White people. However, liberty has never even existed for many people of color.

Mr. Warren’s letter to the editor (Liberty, A4, 9/4/20) echoes of the fear and deception that permeate this election cycle.

It’s not Republicans that are racist. It is specifically Donald J. Trump who has done his best to bring White Supremacists, the Alt Right and even the KKK into his fold.

These racists used to be roundly denounced in public. Now Trump says, “ There are good people on both sides.” He only said that he was against these groups days after the fact in Charlottesville in 2017. The message was already sent. He had blown his dog whistle.

As long ago as 1974, Donald and his father prevented African Americans from renting their apartments. Trump for years tried to discredit President Obama by questioning his place of birth. Trump goes to Kenosha this past week not to visit Mr. Blake, the African American man shot in the back seven times, but to stoke fear in the hearts of America by preaching “law and order.” The violent demonstrations that broke out after thousands of peaceful protests against the killing of African Americans by police have occurred under his watch. Many of these violent actions were by white supremacist groups taking advantage of the protests as a shield to their violence. We are living in Trump’s America.

There is no evidence of significant voter fraud but Mr. Warren attempts to spread the Presidents misinformation. Mr. Warren demonizes immigrants just like the President, suggesting non-citizens are voting. Mail in voting and collecting ballots for those who cannot physically get to the polls does not promote fraud. It promotes democracy.

The Constitution is at risk because the President doesn’t follow it.

He has no regard for the rule of law. He doesn’t respect Congressional oversight. Trump has refused to cooperate with congressional investigations. He thinks he is King, not the President. When Supreme Court rulings go against him, he belittles the judges. Trump isn’t acting like a President. He acts like a petulant child.

He spends money from the Military to build a wall on the border. In Arizona, the wall is being built along areas with fragile ecosystems through protected wetlands. There again is no proof that a wall makes any of us safer. And in case you are keeping track at home, Mexico is not paying for this wall. You and I are paying for this wall without proper Congressional approval.

Let’s get one thing clear. No one is trying to take your guns away. There are more guns in this country than people. Tens of thousands of people die a year due to gun violence. As a surgeon who trained in a New York City hospital, I saw more deaths by gun fire than motor vehicle accidents. What’s the solution to mass shootings by White extremists in churches or by crazy people in our children’s schools? More guns? How has that worked? Not so well.

Black men walking the streets of this country have much more to fear than anyone walking in Pinetop with a MAGA hat on their head or waving an American flag. Mr. Warren is correct that the liberty of African Americans, Latinos and other people of color is at risk with this election.

I agree with Mr. Warren that we should all look at a politician’s record and not the misinformation coming from opponents or Russian bots. Joseph Biden was Vice President for eight years and a United States Senator for decades. He has vital foreign policy experience. He has the compassion and strength to bring our country back together. He has worked on legislation with Republicans that has improved our country. He is a uniter, not a divider.

Donald Trump has threatened our liberty by weakening our role in NATO, criticizing our allies, refusing to re-ratify nuclear arms control treaties and threatening our enemies with complete destruction. He has allowed Russia to poison their critics, annex parts of other countries and interfere in our elections without so much as a peep. I wonder what Mr. Putin has on our President to make him so impotent.

Vice President Biden will bring our country back from the brink. He is not interested in single party rule, taking away your guns or defunding the police. All blatant lies.

He is interested in reuniting our country. The last three Presidents of the United States of America endorse Vice President Biden for President in 2020, including President George W. Bush. That should make us all worried about Trump if the last Republican President can’t get behind him.


Gregory Jarrin, MD


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