How does a society make murder of a particular segment of that society palatable? For as a whole, with a few exceptions, people and cultures restrict the legitimate purposeful killing of another person to defense of self, community or nation.

To legitimize the abortion - murder of the unborn requires the expansion of self defense to include the right of the individual to determine what actions or conditions determine the cause to murder. It is given a name-reproductive rights- so that it is exempt from "thou shalt not kill."

Being named, some of the causative factors that would lead to such action could be enumerated, such as personal discomfort, undesired responsibility, restrictions on one's life in any way, societal or peer group pressure, or any other seemingly appropriate at the time.

Yet there will still be those who hold to the "outmoded" idea of the sanctity of life, that man was created in the image of God and thus resist the act of killing another human.

Not a problem, use the tried and true method - dehumanize the unborn or even unwanted newly born. The method was successfully used by slaveholders, made popular by the proponents of the "science" of eugenics, and that master of the art, Adolph Hitler.

The fetus is no longer a stage in the development of a human, it is an unwanted growth like a tumor and can be excised with the same lack of compassion. It makes no difference if it feels pain, is in the birth canal, or even alive after a botched procedure.

Having established in the case of the unborn, or even in some cases unwanted newly borns, that they no longer have value as humans. Only the individual as "mother" can really determine that. Life is not sacred, only an option exercised by another. So the precedent has been established what is the next group to be dehumanized, the old, the infirm, the mentally restricted? Before long we might be killing Jews.

John Parsons

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Although most of your letter takes things to the great extreme it was well written. That being said you need a bit of a history lesson. Throughout time societies have discarded the old and infirm. Elders were placed on an ice dam and floated out to sea, those with deformities were summarily killed to keep the tribe strong and to keep the gene pool strong. I strongly agree with a woman's right to choose but do think there should be some law in place that restricts the term in which they can make that choice. I am not about to start the debate on when life begins because that is far too in-depth to cover. My other issue would be that if they wish to have the right to choose, the procedure should not be funded by my taxes in any way shape or form.


Well, John, I do hope you have allowed some time each day for a meal and a shower, with all you have taken upon yourself. After all, being the village scold, the U.S. Minister of Good and Evil, the International Defender of the Public Conscience and foreign minister representing the Taliban in the U.S., you are a pretty busy guy. While I respect your convictions and your devotion to the underlying principles, it seems to me that you are confusing certain matters. To begin with, abortion is an event with three domains: the legal domain, the biological domain and the ethical domain. One problem I have with your argument is that you put them all into a sort of argumentive blender, such that the one cannot be distinguished from the other. Nevertheless, the law is clear that a pregnant woman(or child) has a constitutional right to an abortion but with public regulation of both the circumstances and the conditions under which abortion may legally take place. Any abortion which takes place within that legal aegis cannot be murder or any other crime. I would have no objection if you called abortion a sin; however, it is not, by definition, murder. That is a moral determination, not a legal one.

Second, according to the PEW Research Center, legal abortion in all or some cases is supported by 58% of all Americans. Among political parties, 76% of Democrats, 60% of Independents and 36% of Republicans are of the same opinion. In a new poll, released only yesterday, 79% oppose the repeal of Roe. Moreover, Gallup found that 84% of Americans oppose legal abortion during the last trimester except when the woman's life is endangered or the pregnancy occurred by rape or incest. If we are to maintain any pretense of being a Democracy, we must then subordinate religious strictures to the law and maintain the separation of church and state which is fundamental to democracy.

Third, there is another fundamental right which is part of this matter. That is the right of all persons to control their own bodies. For abortion, this right raises the question of when, if at any time, the rights of the life a woman is carrying become superior to her rights as an American citizen(at least a prior right). Essentially, that requires a legal determination of just when the developing life attains the status of legal(not moral) personhood to which the full rights of citizenship thereafter appertain. There is no legal(or biological) case to be made that a small clump of living tissue, consisting of six cells, engenders legal personhood. Any declaration of such personhood is a moral, not a legal(nor even biological) claim and must never be allowed, lest we re-incorporate Church control of our lives. Furthermore, I reject the notion, popular among pro-lifers, that every woman surrenders her right to govern her own body at the moment of conception.

Finally, abortion foes must be considered suspect on one basis, at least. Just what is their motivation for seeking to ban abortions? Any such ban, would not affect women who have the means to go elsewhere to obtain a safe abortion. What is more, every study shows that abortion is an historical phenomenon which goes on unabated by even the most draconian means to ban it. Not even torture and execution have been successful. We know in advance that banning abortions will not diminish the rate at which they are performed, but will serve only to increase the rate of injury and early death on the part of poor women who cannot afford safe abortions. I cannot find any worthwhile public interest which is served by such hate-filled, retributive and cruel policies which entail this war on poor women.

The only major group in the country which entrains a majority demand that abortion be illegal in all or most cases consists of white, evangelical Christians at 61%. Even Catholics do not reach a majority on that score. I therefore maintain that abortions should remain legal and under public regulation as is the case with all other applications of medical science.


Exactly. Mr Parsons.


Re: John Parsons letter:
The questions that need an answer are: If the conservative republicans really believe that abortion is murder, then why are they passing really, really dumb, laws? Anti-abortion laws like the one in Alabama require to send Doctors to prison up to 99 years for performing an abortion in a clean, sterile, safe enviroment that protects the life of the woman. Meanwhile, their laws say nothing about sending to prison any back alley, unqualified, unsantiary abortion quacks that endanger the life of the woman. Under the republican bills the abortion quacks are free to perform abortions,auhmm, commit murder, without being thrown into prison. Abortion quacks are not doctors. Second...if conservative republicans really consider abortion to be murder, then why don't their dumb legislative bills also charge women with prison terms of up to 99 years, after all, legally, they would be considered a willing accomplice, not to forget that women that self abort would also, under the republican legislation, be considered criminals and be sent to prison for 99 years. Of course, if republicans did charge women with murder,it goes without saying they would lose the women votes for the upcoming elections. They can't have that,so they make exceptions as to who can commit murder.

If you are pro life, then you have to believe that George W. Bush is guilty of murder when he lied to the American people, took us to war under false pretenses, and was responsible for the deaths of over 3,ooo American soldiers and over 100,000 Iraqi men,women, children and babies....all for oil profits. "Thou shall not kill" applies to all human beings.


Al: Outstanding. Three biscuits.

che guevara

Mr. Parsons ; The science of Eugenics aka selective breeding is as old as civilization itself ( or perhaps what we humans allow to pass as civilization ) . The ancient Sumerians were practitioners of this pseudoscience by way of cultivating royal lineage and by nurturing and interbreeding those with such skills as military leadership ,academics and positive physical attributes . This for example ,is what lead to the occult societies of ancient priesthoods , which still exist to this very day . The eugenics agenda has continued throughout every civilization up through ancient Egypt with it's inbred pharaohs , the incestuous Greeks and Romans and the so - called nobility that has ruled Europe , America and Asia . If you dig deeper you will also discover that the world is still governed by these bloodlines . For example , the Bush dynasty , as mentioned by Al , is from the lineage of the powerful and brutish British House of Orange . The actor Brad Pitt is also of this same lineage ( you know , those who are too ugly for acting go into politics ) . The lists of famous names go on and on , as eugenics has always been the focus of the global cognitive elite . The ancient Hebrews were also deep believers and practitioners of eugenics , and their modern - day Ashkenazi counterparts continue this practice . This is why the worlds of finance , media and politics for example are controlled by Ashkenazi Jews . One can also see eugenics at play in the Whitehouse as Princess Ivanka married Prince Kushner , two offspring from exceptionally wealthy and powerful families with Hebraic lineage . Mazel Tov ! Hitler , with the financial backing of the Rockefeller Foundation , took eugenics out of the shadows to a more exoteric level by way of the concentration camps and the likes of such monsters as Dr. Josef Mengele . So you see Mr. Parsons , there ain't nothin' new under the sun .

Humankind is a hopelessly barbarous species and will regrettably remain so . Right or wrong , abortions have been around for a very - very long time and will never go away . Therefore , why not make the brutal process less traumatic and far safer by maintaining it's legality and procedural standards . This is perhaps the most humane way to cope with this societal affliction .

Also , Mr. Parsons , since you brought religion into the mix , I would like to throw out a couple of thoughts for you to ponder . First ; if God did in fact create man in HIs or Her image , did he not then underestimate the weakness of the flesh and the propensity towards irresponsible procreation which would lead humanity into this moral dilemma of abortion ? Second ; does not organized religion by it's very nature place the human soul beneath a yoke of spiritual probation , whereby punishment vs. reward dynamics ( Heaven vs. H@ll ) seek to regulate human tendencies via animal psychology , thus further proving that mankind is incapable of any significant degree of humane and spiritual evolution on it's own ? Finally ; it has been my observation that most religions are far more focused upon and far more concerned with what their adherents believe , as opposed to how they act . This psychosis has brought humanity such delights as the Inquisition , Manifest Destiny , World Wars , Genocides and Atomic Bombs , to name but a few ---- and all from so - called Christian nations who believe in " Thou Shall Not Kill " , but in reality practice otherwise .

Abortion is just one result of a deeper sickness afflicting the human condition , and sickness can never be legislated away . Nevertheless , I can still respect your views Mr. Parsons . Your thoughts please .


ALABAMA MUST INCUR A COST: One of the problems with those who espouse a public issue is: that is too often all they do--espouse. They do not act. The public outrage over Alabama's perpetual war on poor women must not be limited just to spluttering and posturing. We, the 80% who support Roe, must now put up or shut up. That means crafting a non-violent way of imposing an unacceptable level of cost on the state of Alabama(and copycats) as the consequence of its actions. Moreover, this cost must be peacefully imposed and constructed in such a way as to be beyond the aegis of the courts and not violate any law.

I therefore call for a total and comprehensive boycott of all things Alabama by us, the 80%. That means, no sporting events, games, cultural events, conventions, tourism, or any activity which would bring dollars into Alabama from out of state. All construction by out of state companies would terminate; all loans from out of state banks would end; all insurance underwriting from out of state insurers would stop; all out of state development would end; all purchases of any goods or services from Alabama would cease and all travel from out of state would end, along with any other activity benefitting the state of Alabama.

Alabama's draconian war on poor women castes it in the mold of a pariah which is, of course, the choice of Alabama voters; however, we the majority must not accept them as part of the American family, with impunity, or we all go down in infamy together. Two thirds of the world's population live in countries where some form of abortion is legal. Only 18% live in backward nations where abortion is totally banned. Let us remain with the decent nations of the world. The only effective means of reducing abortion(an admirable goal) is a global program of extensive education for girls and women; comprehensive contraceptive education and instruction, and free contraception worldwide. Bans harm only poor women and do not reduce the overall rate of abortion. In view of this fact, the motivation underlying abortion bans cannot be the reduction of abortions. Absent that justification, what remains is a vicious war of hatred against pregnant poor women. You know, human waste and scum. Let us educate, not discriminate.

I also call for a Constitutional amendment which bans all males from any participation in any public policy matter concerning women's reproductive health matters. Let's let the women decide for themselves, or are they incapable of such self governance without the guidance of wiser males? Men's participation merely reinforces the depraved historical ownership of women's bodies by men. Onward! Into the 11th century.


Go 'Bama!


Che gives us another golden nugget, combining his classical education with the robust seasoning of life's practical lessons: "Humankind is a hopelessly barbarous species and will regrettably remain so." I agree. Now, as to the cause of that unhappy condition? When looking upon the faces of each of my newborn children, I was smitten by the reality that each was an almost entirely blank slate, upon which would be written whatever their mother and I inscribed there. A newborn has instinctive abilities to clutch, suckle and holler, little else. Mental illness or injury aside, barbarity is learned, if not immediately from parents, then soon enough from others who have learned the same calamitous ideas.

While barbarity has its origins in many places, there are four which dominate that grisly world: The first is the greatest evil ever visited upon the human brow--Religion, engendering as it does the replacement of reason and logic with belief, which is the death of intelligence in those so afflicted. When innocent children are sent off to religious indoctrination classes, what they learn there is to despise and abandon everything they will ever learn of conflicting truth from all other schooling. Our job therefore is not so much to separate Church from State(both are dangerous) but to separate every religious, science-illiterate from every classroom. “Men will never be free until the last king is strangled with the entrails of the last priest.”
― Denis Diderot

The second is tribalism in all its ghastly machinations. No newborn knows of the evil tribe just across the river. That too is taught. "If you want to know where common sense goes to die and where tribalism goes to be born, look no further than party politics.”
― Jason Versey, A Walk with Prudence

The third is racism with its macabre theatrics concerning the biological triviality of skin shading. That too is taught. “As you grow older, you’ll see white men cheat black men every day of your life, but let me tell you something and don’t you forget it—whenever a white man does that to a black man, no matter who he is, how rich he is, or how fine a family he comes from, that white man is trash”
― Harper Lee, To Kill a Mockingbird

The fourth is misogyny and its extravagant demands for the ownership of women's bodies by men. That too is taught. “When you grow up as a girl, it is like there are faint chalk lines traced approximately three inches around your entire body at all times, drawn by society and often religion and family and particularly other women, who somehow feel invested in how you behave, as if your actions reflect directly on all womanhood.”
― M.E. Thomas, Confessions of a Sociopath: A Life Spent Hiding in Plain Sight

“I cannot imagine a God who rewards and punishes the objects of his creation, whose purposes are modeled after our own -- a God, in short, who is but a reflection of human frailty. Neither can I believe that the individual survives the death of his body, although feeble souls harbor such thoughts through fear or ridiculous egotisms.”
― Albert Einstein

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