I understand politics can get messy and mudslinging from candidates has been practiced since the first elections in these United States but how much lower we’ve sunk over the last several years! Two currently running Senatorial candidates have demonstrated that reality in their latest TV pitches.

One yo-yo stands at a podium wailing about stopping aliens from taking jobs right out of the grasp of deserving Americans. Has he not picked up a newspaper, heard a headline on radio or seen one of the hundreds of stories reported daily on television about companies across the country begging for workers? There are signs in every business window offering jobs. Even dollar stores are offering signing bonuses to get the personnel they need just to stay open! Forrest Gump could offer a spot on description of this clown.

Then there’s another who climbed out of the gutter to make his commercial and starts off by using vulgarities that would get a child’s mouth washed out with soap in earlier, more respectful days. Really? Ask a TV audience of all ages and values if they’re “p*ssed off”? What an orator he’d make in the Senate. And not stopping (stooping?) there, he repeats a less than veiled vulgarity to a sitting president. That’s someone any parent would like to hold up to their child as a role model, right? Has all honor been lost?

While it may be a hoot hanging around a barrel fire at the landfill, drinking beer, spitting tobacco juice and shooting rats with a .22 while listening to cousin BillyBob rant about politicians and his idea of what America should be, I certainly don’t want his snakeskin boots scuffing up the marble along the hallowed halls of this once great nation.

This ain’t a Limbo dance, people. How low can we go?

Maecus Vitale,



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