Our Forest Service isn't doing our forests any good or the environment by started "managed ignitions" previously called "controlled burns "

They claim they are "cleaning up the forest floor" yet they are the worst offenders when it comes to leaving dead debris from the trees they butchered for no sane reason.

Along Bourdon Ranch Road, Happy Trail & Chamisa the Forest Service has cut out out squares in 1 mile sections butchering & destroying ancient trees as a joggle in their path.

They left all the dead debris on the ground. The reason we understand after calling the land management was to "reduce Fuel for fires."

These areas have never had a fire and isn't dead debris a perfect fire starter?

My family & I along with many other have watched how clear the skies and air were while the Forest Service weren't burning due to COVID-19.

Now as soon as they've returned to work all of a sudden 13 fires erupted in Arizona. Lightening strikes? I don't think so . These are all man made and one up on the rim near Show Low, Pinetop the Forest Service says they are doing a "slow burn."

Why do any burns especially now with the state on fire?

Have these now called "managed ignitions" ever stopped fires from burning faster? They dry out the Forest bed floor leaving it scorched, destroying fishing &hunting habitat causing erosion, mudslides contaminating the rivers. 

Also what about our health?

Breathing all these noxious gasses & carbons is poisoning us causing deadly lung diseases.

Lastly, the wildlife they kill by the smoke, killing off their food supplies and protective foliage.

The Forest Service needs to be reformed and returned to the Forest Service they once were. One that looked for fires and acted on them Immediately. They planted trees instead of destroying them.

Vicki Littlejohn,

Show Low

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Many good points in the Letter to the Editor. The days earlier this year of hearing a chorus of birds singing while the Forest Service wasn’t doing any managed ignitions were absolutely wonderful. Apparently, birds’ lungs, as well as human lungs, need clean air.


Well Vicky since you do not know the difference between state land and forest service land people should just ignore your letter. It's obvious you do not know what you are talking about. Those areas you mentioned are Arizona State lands and are managed by the Arizona State Land. Department. Your opinions and skalls are just that and not backed up by knowledge, experience or education.


My research on this subject began several years ago when we were endlessly blanketed by smoke. I’ve read as much as possible about the issue since then, and have watched the number of studies documenting the deadly evil of smoke inhalation continue to grow. While I won’t judge the individual commenting, I will say that education, etc., is one thing, but often noticeably absent from the list of priorities of the “let it burn” crowd is humanity. No one has the right to weaken our health and make us much more susceptible not only to heart and lung disease and other illnesses, but also viruses.

Recently, researchers from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health conducted a nationwide study of county-level data and found that even a small increase in the amount of PM2.5 from one U.S. county to the next was associated with a large increase in the death rate from COVID-19.

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