This is in regard to the article about Walking Down Ranch (WDR), which appeared in the Nov. 8 edition of the White Mountain Independent. I am happy that WDR received publicity and recognition for its assistance to veterans.

However, it is unfortunate that the article was less about WDR and The Village, and more about Maggie Heath.

It is worth pointing out that organizations such as WDR would not be able to function without the involvement of others. In this case, there was no mention of, or credit given, to the many volunteers and numerous donors who help this organization.

There are individuals who volunteer every day at WDR and The Village, as well as entire communities and organizations that provide people, materials, expertise and funds. Examples are: Home Depot, Venture Inn RV Park, Juniper Ridge (at White Mountain Lake). There was no mention of the donors who contribute $3,000 to sponsor a cabin each year and/or donate $1,000 to the "575 Club" to help purchase the property. There was no mention of the board members who volunteer their time and oversight to help make WDR successful.

Acknowledgement of other people's efforts in the WDR endeavor is essential. Ms. Heath is not doing it all by herself.

Connie Cromwell,

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citizen lakeside

Connie; Ms Health never said she did all of this by herself, as a matter of fact the article was about others helping out ie; raising money for this organization. It seams you are a bitter person or just jealous.

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