With all the complaints about world events I know it sounds petty to get down to the local level, but then again isn’t this where things start. I write this out of concern, not pointing fingers, but if it fits then I guess you will have to own it. Veterans Day is right around the corner and I truly hope that more people will show up to honor our vets.

VFW Post 2364 will have a ceremony at 11 a.m. on the 11th of November (Veterans Day) at the Veterans Memorial in Lakeside across from the post office. I hope that more people show up for this event than they did for the 911 or the POW ceremonies. Not one Pinetop official attended.

The next thing that makes me sad is this new Summit Health Care it boasts it is caring and compassionate. I find that hard to believe as they did not put in a dialysis unit in the grand new buildings when we have so many people that need dialysis.

Then it seems the Forest Service is trying to restrict our rights to the Forest again and we just sit by and let them take more of our rights away.

Last but not least if you don’t want your flowers & Flags thrown away at the Larson Memorial Cemetery you better go collect them before it gets cleaned for Veterans Day.

Loretta Crider,

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the forest service travel plan will remove our rights to travel and see most of our Apache/Sitgreaves forests. It must be stopped.

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