We purchased our cabin in May of 2017. I am hoping that someone can answer my question about the US Post Office located in Show Low on then Deuce of Clubs.

The staff is very friendly, helpful and our delivery person is great. So why is the US Post Office land such a mess? There are 2 dead trees countless weeds and it really is an eyesore for the community.

I would be more than willing to help clean the area up for the thousands of people that travel the Deuce. I feel very sorry for the businesses that are located across from the US Post Office and those right beside it.

Donna Eicher,

Show Low

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I would have to say that the upkeep of the grounds is probably lacking because of budget crunches. So, if it is not in the budget, it's not going to be done. We would all love our post office to look immaculate and beautiful, but.. there is obviously no money for it. Volunteers are probably the only way it will get done, until money magically appears in their budget. So either volunteer or reach out the Postmaster General.


I believe you are correct about the lack of funds. Many years ago the old postmaster was pulling weeds in front of the post office on a weekend. When I asked her why she told me budgets were cut and the weeds had to go so she got to it.


Say Donna, round up some nabors and go clean it up. Donna go to the local boy scout troop and make it an eagle scout project. Or source out some people that need to do community service and clean it up. The post master could do this as well.

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