Just wanted to drop a note of information that not many people know about owning a manufactured home in Apache County. The county passed an ordinance in 2009, Section 730 states:

1. All newly installed manufactured homes must be 15 years old or newer to be installed. Mobile homes are prohibited in ALL zones. 2. There shall be no commercial use allowed in a manufactured home. 3. All manufactured homes shall provide a landing for each entrance in accordance with IRC. 4. Connecting 2 individual or stand-alone units shall be prohibited. 5. All manufactured homes shall meet the minimum snow load in each area of Apache County.

Also, if the mobile or manufacture home is more than 15 years old, it cannot be moved. These regulations will keep the value of your property very low. Even the land value will decrease. Please keep these regulations in mind if you want to buy or sell land in Apache County.

Also be advised if you have a mobile home that's more than 15 years old, you cannot move the home on or off your property. That protects ignorant buyers that don't know how badly mobiles fall apart when you move them.

It is almost impossible to have any value in your property unless you have a stick-built that the county approved of before you built. But you will not be able to get a loan for construction or anything else for that matter because an appraiser from the Valley will appraise your property the same as an old abandoned trailer in Concho. They don't know any different.

Please research Apache County very thoroughly, especially small print, before you invest. Its not really an investment, you will end up with no value in your property even after improvements and a huge down payment.

But take heart, the federal government is looking into making manufactured homes the same as stick built for all mortgage companies, this should stop any counties from making their own laws about how much money your property is worth.

Doris Stell,


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L A 'Tony' Kovach

Ms. Stell, With all due respect, some of your statements about manufactured homes are demonstrably errant. The FHFA and the National Association of Realtors both published research in 2018 that demonstrated that manufactured homes appreciate in value, especially when located on private property. HUD Secretary Carson has been promoting that and other points in recent months, in saying that manufactured homes are an important part of the solution for the affordable housing crisis. 2011 HUD PD&R research said that manufactured homes properly installed by nearby conventional housing revealed that both housing types appreciated side by side. 2018 Trulia research similarly pointed out that affordable homes have no harmful impact on nearby conventional housing. Google the above topics to see for yourself, or see more on MHLivingNews, which tracks the industry.

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