I just got off the phone with Rep. Tom O'Halleran's D.C. office receptionist and he confirmed that Tom is a BLM supporter.

BLM is a known Marxist trained organization that has caused more destruction around this country than any freedom-loving Patriot organization has ever done, period. The Marxist BLM organization released a statement on Twitter stating that they support the Cuban Communist government.

How can a man who was elected to represent us in the US Congress fully support a communist supporting organization? We also know that Tom supports amnesty for illegal immigrants (look up his voting track record on Amnesty bills) because the Democrats want/need their votes. Why do you think Tom and the Democrats are pushing so hard against Voter ID laws?

Don't be fooled by his claim to be bipartisan when he encourages the influx of illegal immigrants into our country to secure more votes. He also co-sponsored HR1 that registers 16-year-olds to vote, excuses illegal immigrants who vote illegally from ever being prosecuted, and federalizes state elections (which is unconstitutional).

We need an America First candidate to run against O'Halleran. His allegiance is not to his constituents and the Constitution but rather to Nancy Pelosi, in which he votes with her 98% of the time, and the Marxist BLM organization.

You might think this is hyperbolic but has he come out with a proposal for a commission to investigate the BLM/Antifa organization? Nope. Has he been asked to do so by his constituents? Yes. His re-election is coming up in 2022 and I hope a supporter of Freedom, America, and our Constitution comes forward to replace him. We can no longer keep voting for the same people and expecting a different result.

Mary Grey,



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It really is terrible that our representative represents and supports ALL the people instead of just you and people like you.

It should be noted that there are no reputable news sources that list the BLM as Marxist or a terrorist organization.

I am open to new parties, and we need different than the extreme right wing fascist party and centrist party we have now. Do you know where the America First slogan was first introduced? It was the slogan of the KKK in the early 1900s.


Mary Grey,

This is an odd letter coming from a place, Alpine, with a Confederate Flag that flies as one enters the town.

Black Lives Matter is not a Marxist or terrorist organization. You, on the other hand, are a racist proven by your comments.


Just wondering where Mary heard all that propaganda? Guess calling someone a Communist is the newest catch phrase of the right. Thought that went out 30 years ago!


Thank you Mary for succinctly stating facts that those who are uneducated refuse to acknowledge. We absolutely need an America First representative who will put its own citizens first and not kowtow to cancel-culture and historically failed, murderous Communist (aka Marxism/Socialism) philosophies and their regimes as a superior or an equal alternative to the democratic republic that our Founders gave us. We are an exceptional country and those who try to destroy it, either intentionally or through ignorance need to remember that our ancestors fought and died to give us rights that Marxism, Communism, and Socialism would wipe away in a heartbeat. Those philosophies are murderous, accounting for millions of lives lost in the past, and, unconscionably and unimaginably even presently. For those who would tout these philosophies as a "new party" or "right-wing propaganda", do your research, read and educate yourself about the real history (not the rewritten history that we are doused with every day through MSM, t.v. programs, and horribly, in our school systems). There is a reason why people want to come here and we all need to remember that. Our representatives should "represent" us, respect the law and our Constitution, and its citizens who voted them into office, not those who would destroy us, either insidiously or by out-right burning, rioting, and murdering with no consequences.


With all due respect SoCutePatriot, it is you that needs an education. I do not get the right's new fascination with Marx and their demonstrable lack of knowledge and even a glimmer of understanding thereof. So Cute, wasn't it Trump rightists that rioted at our Capitol Jan 6? How, by the way, does the dialectic accomplish all the things you say it will?


I agree. Gosar and Rogers gotta go.


pioneerfamily: [thumbup][thumbup]


Gosar and Rogers are doing exactly what their constituents voted them in for.

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Russ you are the rudest contributer and you only want to blow you horn no matter what the topic.


Russ: Please share with us the survey results by which you determined that, or do you mean their doing what you like?

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