It is my honor to issue this letter in support of Proposition 421, to create a tax increase that will provide significant benefits for the public safety of Navajo County citizens, which includes members of the Navajo Nation.

Through the development of a jail district created through you, the voters, by supporting Prop 421 we will see many benefits for the cities, towns, schools, police force, EMS and firefighters that serve Navajo County each day.

As the president of the Navajo Nation and a former Navajo County Supervisor, I truly understand the economic and public safety needs of the people in Navajo County. By supporting Proposition 421 together and by inviting our friends and families to support it as well, we can create long-term stability while improving public safety.

I hope you will vote Yes on 421n and say yes to Navajo County public safety.

Jonathan Nez,

President of the Navajo Nation

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