It appears that Show Low and other towns that were once sleepy little places have now become a commercial eyesore. One cannot stop growth. That is a fact. However one can make growth somewhat compatible with the surrounding forests, lakes and rivers of the White Mountains.

Most visitors to the White Mountains come to enjoy the natural beauty. Maybe enjoy the fishing, hiking, or camping and numerous other outdoor activities in the area. That tourism brings in well-needed revenue. I did mention eyesore. By this I mean all the associated debris, you see it everywhere along the roads, campsites, shorelines and trails. Plastic and paper items all associated fast food places. What ever happened to the term “don’t pass it up, pick it up’ or better yet just pick up after yourself.

Another eyesore is the way people use the National Forests as a dumping ground for furniture and electronics. You know things like sofas, TVs and computers seem top the list. Take a ride up FR 133 from Burton Rd. to Pinedale Rd. Look around at the debris. This is just one place.

The counties and cities could make it easy or even free to dispose of unwanted items like furniture and electronics. Not just a hit and miss once a year program that is difficult to find or get too. How about the big box stores that will take away you old washer, dryer or refrigerator when you buy a new one, that is a great idea. It might be a good way for another local big box store to help clean up the forest.

Keeping the White Mountains looking natural is also a good way to keep a great source of revenue from going away.

Ed Yack,


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Excellent point! How about code violations at people's residents? Or are there any codes? Just drive down Papermill Road, and look South from the Northland Pioneer College Training Center. It looks like a landfill, and people actually live there.

Bob Smith

Ed, you're not wrong but the mentality of dumpers defies logic: they have to drive right past the transfer station to dump their big screens so as much as I empathize with you nothing will change these hillbillies behavior because that's how they're always done it. I have a truck and trailer if you're interested in meeting out there we could make a dent in it.


If you want to see trash, take a drive up Ellsworth and S.15th St. Garbage all over the place and an abandoned car left for more than 2 years...the county will not do anything at all.. That parcel is on county territory.. See if you can do anything about that!!!


I agree. Just last week, I called the Timber Mesa fire district to point out that HUGE (not landscape) trailers full of tree clearing debris are being hauled down our road. There is NO facility, just a dead-end road where all of this is being dumped and will be a danger come fire-season. Trash or trees, illegal dumping should carry big fines, not a slap on the wrist.

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