President Joe Biden is the legitimate leader of the free world. He won the election by over 7 million popular votes and 74 electoral college votes. There is no evidence to the contrary.

Former President Trump tried to illegally overturn the results. He called and harassed a number of political leaders at the state level and asked them to “find” votes for him. Trump’s calls were immoral and undemocratic.

He consulted a lawyer who said that Vice President Mike Pence had the authority to refuse the slate of electoral college voters from a state and could ask the state legislature to select their own of electors. This has clearly never been the intention of the founding fathers and would have been considered illegal. Trump also try to install a yet another hand picked attorney general at the end of December 2020 with the only intent of investigating claims of fraud in the presidential election. AG William Barr had already stated that there was no evidence of fraud in the election.

All of these actions reveal that Trump was trying to “win at all cost” despite the fact that he lost. There has never been one shred of evidence to say the election was stolen yet Republican political leaders still blatantly misinform in public. Most recently, today, Oct. 10, 2021, the second ranking Republican in the House of Representatives stated it is unclear who won the 2020 Presidential election. He is completely incorrect. President Biden won.

I continue to harp on the simple fact that Joe Biden is the President because Trump and his allies continue to mislead their constituents.

We have reached the most dysfunctional period in our history since Republicans would not accept the results of the election of 1876. In order to install their man in the White House, they reached a compromise with the Democrats at the time. Unfortunately this agreement lead to the North withdrawing their troops prematurely and Jim Crow laws being enacted throughout the South. These actions lead to persistent bigotry and racism over the next 100 plus years throughout the former Confederate States.

We need to work together again. Democrats and Republicans. If we don’t, our present attitudes will lead to the end of American democracy as we know it.

Gregory Jarrin, MD,



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che guevara

As Shakespeare stated ; " Beware the man who overstates his case . "

Give it a rest Gregory , as you have over - over - Over stated your case , which by the very nature of such leads one to believe that you yourself harbor doubts .


Thank you, Dr. Jarrin, for continuing to share the truth and expose the insanity of the Big Lie.


I agree with this article. This is a very dangerous time for our unique country. We have the longest surviving Democratic Government in the world. We could lose here all because people don't understand what makes this country so amazing and so desirable for people who want to come here.

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