No sanctuary for voter fraud

Attorney Gen. Bill Barr is no where to be found. Ditto Director of the FBI Wray. Not one Federal case of voter fraud has been discovered with a prosecution moving forward. The Durham Report is Non-Existent. As they say in Texas, Barr is “all hat no cattle.”

Governor Ducey and Arizona officials will validate our electoral votes for Joe Biden. Not one U.S. citizen or illegal alien who cast a fraudulent vote will be prosecuted and punished. The system is corrupt from top to bottom. The same in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc.

They claim there is no evidence. There are no crimes. Nothing to see here. Time to move on. We have future elections to get ready for. The pollsters at Fox, NBC, The Wall St. Journal and New York Times will be on their game next time. Not to worry.

We are being played, people. Until everyone who commits a felony (including left wing mayors in big cities by manipulating votes) are publicly prosecuted our election system in the U.S.A. will best be described as One Big Con Game.

Brian D. Ottmer,



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O.K. Brian, where is your evidence of fraud?


Oh for pitysakes! He lost. Despite his continuous whining and posturing, it was as fair and legitimate as any previous election.

Might be time to get out of the RW echo chamber, peel the "Suck it up Buttercup" bumper sticker off the pickup and get on with your life.


Having been on a county election security committee my experience is we have numerous checks that would discover the fraud you mention and too many eyes to risk being found out. The polls were off by huge amounts after being off since 2016. People who run polls have used scientific methods to make their predictions as well as have a financial incentive to be right. What if the polls were right? The most successful fraud has historically been with the "vote counters". FACT: no human counts any of Navajo County ballots. We could test the machine with a transparent hand count audit, if County Supervisors felt concerned about the vote integrity.


So what are you really trying to say Mr. Ottmer? 74 million voters wanted "Diaper Don" to be President, but 80 million voters didn't?

Bob Smith

Bwahahaha! So let me get this straight; the election commissions, poll workers and all the state supreme courts are organized into an evil cabal whose only interest is preventing Donald Trump from serving 4 more years as president? Have you EVER known our government workers to pull off something as complicated in a perfectly-timed manner with 100% success? For someone who complains about mainstream media you sound like you spend a LOT of time in front of your TV sir.


Your Newsmax/OANN/QAnon conspiracy theories are not just laughable, they are delusional. Even Barr has come out and said there is no evidence of election fraud.


So facts and evidence mean nothing to you all? Have you even been hearing the evidence? You all are jokes...I swore to defend my Country from enemies both foreign and domestic. And we have domestic enemies.


The Judges, prosecutors , State Attorney Generals, secretary of States, State Electors, Election board Canvassers, County Election Officials, Department of Homeland Security, republican Attorney General William Barr, and lastly Trumps own lawyers have said (in court) that there was no voter fraud. O.K. mtnwitch, where are your facts to prove voter fraud?

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