Thank you Mr. Martin for your response (10/15/21) to a letter to the editor by Ms. Lockheart (10/5/21). Your due diligence in researching the many citations in her letter was informative. None of these “scientific” articles proved that COVID-19 vaccines are harmful or that contracting a COVID-19 infection gives you long term immunity.

The pertinent scientific facts are clear. The recent surge in infections and deaths from Covid-19 are overwhelmingly in the unvaccinated. Getting the vaccine decreases your chances of dying to a very small number. However, it is not zero as we just saw with the recent passing of the American Hero Colin Powell. Waiting to reach “herd immunity” by spreading the infection instead of encouraging the use of a vaccine would lead to hundreds of thousands of unnecessary deaths. We can save lives by wearing a mask indoors, socially distancing and washing ones hands. These are still excellent public health measures to decrease the incidence of infection.

With winter coming, I encourage everyone eligible to get a Covid-19 vaccine booster and continue to practice good hygiene. Please also get your flu vaccine as every year the seasonal influenza claims many lives, especially in the elderly.

I treat every patient as an individual. However, when it comes to vaccines , very few people have conditions which prevent them from receiving one. If you have any concerns that a vaccine could be dangerous to your health, consult with your primary care provider. Your decision to receive a vaccine could save your life and potentially the life of a loved one.

Gregory Jarrin, MD,


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