Every environmental issue is a hoax.

This is apparently the position of the Republican Party, at least in Arizona. I’ve voted straight Republican for many, many years. But this last year I’ve been shocked to discover the extent of the immoral party loyalty officials in this state have.

What’s immoral loyalty? It’s when someone, party official or not, holds to a party position when doing so endangers the welfare, and even the very lives, of the people they claim to care about.

Throughout this last year I have searched to find one Republican official in this state willing to stand up against the potential threat to our water from the practice of fracking with poisonous chemicals, injecting them into the ground at the Coconino Aquifer.

Our elected officials seem to fall into one of three positions:

1. Lay low, make no waves, hope the people don’t notice you have no spine.

2. Claim that poisonous chemicals injected into the ground near our water supply poses no danger, hoping people believe you, or

3. Say such a practice is not happening, and publicly lend support to fracking, claiming you’ve researched the issue and there is no threat.

Not one of them says, Lets’ stop chemical fracking at least temporarily, take a look at the potential dangers, then make a decision that protects our citizens.’ That hasn’t happened, because it’s a threat to ‘economic development.' Really? For whom?

To consider every environmental issue a hoax is reckless and dangerous to human health. Some companies have the means, if only accidental, to assault the environment is such a way as to place the well-being of humans in danger.

This year after encountering “hear no evil-see no evil-speak no evil” Republican politicians one after another, I keep asking myself, “Where is the sanity?"  Then, on the other hand I see Democrats making every environmental insult a world disaster as a means to move the country toward socialism.

The courage to show you genuinely care about other people is the real solution. So far, I see very little of that from the leaders in either party. It was a lot easier for me to vote when I didn’t really know what was going on. Shame on me.

Calvin Flager, DC Retired,


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I love (and may steal) your phrase 'immoral loyalty.' You're right, voters on both political sides do practice it. Overall, I feel that voting Republican gives us a better chance of getting back to constitutional morality than siding with the modern Democratic party does. There's nothing moral about Socialism and, sadly, that's the path our grandparents Democrat party has chosen.

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