I have lived on this mountain for the last 21 years. I have seen the cycles Nature takes here.

Two years ago a pair of mountain lions returned to the ridge south of me and had a kit. When the food supply dwindled they moved on to Concho Valley. Three bobcats moved in.

My gardens receive more damage from the cows that tear through my fencing than the rabbits and rats cause. The cows would wait for me to open my gates to drive in or out, to get onto the property that I pay the taxes on.

Arizona Game and Fish supposedly put a bounty on the lions and bobcats. Two of the three bobcats were shot, within 450 feet of my residence! Guess the 1/4 mile rule doesn't apply to bounty hunters and ranchers. Now, with no natural predators, my fenced property is overrun with pack rats. How bad you ask? I set traps and hung bar bait in my greenhouse when I started my seeds the end of February. Every morning, I would have to remove rats from the three traps and replace the bar bait.

Today, my dogs tore apart my stacked firewood pile, capturing and killing the 56th pack rat this year. I have no idea how many succumbed to the bar bait. I hope the #$% that got the bounty chokes on the taxpayer's money. And to the ranchers who tell me a mountain lion will take an Eek a week, take better care of YOUR animals on PRIVATE PROPERTY. And don't tell me to "fix my fence" when your cattle tear it down.

George Patten,


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I highly doubt the Game and Fish have bounty's on bobcat and lion

Are you from California??


Also bobcat are known to attack and kill prey much larger like a calf. Last time I checked I liked the taste of beef and probably much more so than any small predator. Good job for those keeping the predator population in check.


It should be unlawful to kill any predator unless a human being is under attack. On our current trajectory, humans will cause the extinction of one million species in just this century alone. Just ten thousand years ago, the weight of humans was one percent and that of wild animals 99% of the total. Now the weight of humans is 32%, livestock 67% and wild animals a scant one percent and declining rapidly. We cannot survive that distribution.


there is no bounty on cats from the game and fish. lol what a dunce


BTW I could find no bounties in AZ; although, there is no limit on bobcats.


Dagwood: I could have missed it. Reference please.

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