One of my favorite childhood memories was seeing three little baby beavers float down Sheep's Crossing. I've always loved nature and the creatures that occupy it. This is one of the reasons why seeing streams and lakes with a low water level is so disheartening. It seems like every year the water is getting lower and lower. I’m afraid that eventually the water will be too low for baby beavers and other wildlife that depend on it. Scientists know that global warming is a major problem, and I see it affecting our beautiful forests year after year.

If our community wants to combat these continuously lowering water levels, we need to begin to act against climate change. Right now, I cannot afford an electric car; I can, however, recycle, drive less, and support eco-friendly companies. It may seem farcical that the actions of one person can make a difference, but it’s often the actions of an individual that can inspire action from many.

Madi Jones,


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Prior to our current drought starting in about 1996 the dendrology lab scientists discovered by reading old tree rings that every 500 years the southwest experienced a 40 year drought and that it had been over 700 years since such a drought occurred. Now those same scientist have jumped on the global warming/climate change bandwagon. Probably so they could cash in on grants and funding on global warming/climate change. Funny how politics can dream up these supposed human caused crisis. Hopefully we are on the downhill side of this current drought but looks like we are in it for the long haul.


Thank you, Riser, for your common-sense perspective!

che guevara

Bravo Madi , well said ! One of the greatest challenges that we human face is having the courage to decouple our minds from the matrix of ignorance which seems to abound . Your personal efforts are righteous and noble , and I applaud this . I might point out that some of the greatest strides forward in societal thinking and evolution often have had their beginnings in personal convictions , which have then flourished into grassroots movements . Two such more recent societal advances which immediately come to mind are women's rights and gay rights . Despite it's track record of indifference , government must eventually in one way or another finally be responsive to the desires of the growing and enlightened multitudes . Rest assured that climatic and environmental issues will resonate at the forefront until meaningful steps are taken to reverse mankind's unmitigated assaults against the natural world .

Sheep's Crossing is certainly also one of my favorite places in the region , and I too have many fond memories from there . I must however say that it has become a far more difficult place to fly fish due to the excessive overgrowth along the narrow and twisting stream banks , combined with the drastically limited stream access as compared to what there once was many years ago . So it goes , that's the price of allowing nature to take command , and I am all for it .


Human having anything to do with the earth's natural warming and cooling cycles is a hoax


Ah, Russ. You da man. Love the way you cut to the chase. Scientists can't cure a cold, or give us an even marginally accurate weather forcast and we're supposed to believe that they can deduct anything from anything?


My grandmother first took me to Sheep's Crossing over 60 years ago. I haven't been back in over thirty years because I want to remember it as it was the last time I saw it. Change happens. I can't do anything about all of the old barns and houses that are torn down, but I can preserve a few precious memories by letting them be. Try that rather than listening to scientists who don't know s*** from Shinola.

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